At the end of the day …. “PULSE …. ‘I Will Survive’ …. “!!



~~August 12, 2016~~ 


I remember when this song came out.

At the time, I was realizing the nature of my sexuality.

Every time there was an outing to a gay bar in Puerto Rico, the song would play.

When it did, all present would stand up, sing, dance and do their “thing”.

It became an anthem for the reality of the LGBT community then.

I must thank Gloria Gaynor for her hit song.

I find it fitting to end the day, the second month after the horrible shooting at the Orlando bar PULSE, with a version of this song.

We will survive … with pain in our hearts.

Will never forget …

But, we will survive.



A ’40s Jazz/Latin Ballroom Remake of “I Will Survive” featuring Sara Niemietz

The incredible Sara Niemietz is back with another amazing Postmodern Jukebox performance – this time, we took the  iconic 1978 hit “I Will Survive” back into the ’40’s, and blended some jazz and Latin influences into the mix.

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~~I Will Survive~~

Vintage ’40’s Jazz/Latin Ballroom Style Cover ft. Sara Niemietz

~~Published on Aug 11, 2016~~

The incredible Sara Niemietz just returned from our 4 month #PMJtour of Europe, and she’s back with a ’40s style remake of the disco classic, “I Will Survive” – complete with a Latin ballroom dance break.


We ALL are ONE!!