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~~July 25, 2014~~ 

Wildlife Awareness & Conservation

“We are the Voice of the Voiceless”

~~Desert Ellies of Namibia~~

Dedicated to the Desert Elephants of Namibia who are fighting for their lives because of Trophy hunters. We will fight for you.



Wild Heart is a page is dedicated to all the wild animals of the world that are abused, poached, hunted and generally exploited in the name of greed.

The magnificent rhino are being poached into extinction and the elephants and lions are being poached and over hunted. It has to stop.
The kind compassionate people of the world are still the majority. We just have to make them aware of what is happening with the exploitation and decimation of our animal kingdom.

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All our beautiful animals should be able to roam wild and free, the only way it’s meant to be.





We ALL fight the FIGHT!!


~~He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother~~

Michael North

~~Published on Sep 22, 2012~~

Of all the four legged creatures that wander the earth, African elephants are the biggest, the most revered and the most vulnerable. These towering yet sensitive and gentle mammals are a symbol of the African Wilderness. Let us now, while there is still time, contemplate and behold the African Elephant.

We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 

Cathy, the matriarch of the Abu herd in Botswana, allowed me to stand under her to capture her beautiful amber eyes
Bull elephants fight in Tanzania

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS …. Bloody Poachers, Organized Crime, Insatiable Demand!!


~~June 19, 2014~~ 

~Dr. Reese Halter~

Broadcaster, Conservation Biologist, Educator

The bloody ‘War Against Nature‘ is roiling in Africa and it’s being fueled by a voracious Asian demand for animal parts. The Animal Kingdom is under siege, extinction looms for many of Earth’s last great beasts.


Deplorable poachers inflicting excruciating deaths upon rhino. This frenzied level of brutality is unconscionable.

Photo credit: StopRhinoPoaching.com


Since my emotional broadcast across Australia in December on this maniacal bloodlust, poaching has escalated. This is heartbreaking news and like our dying oceans, its time that the world’s leaders concentrated on maintaining Earth’s biodiversity now because our global environment is being ransacked harder and faster than ever before in the history of Earth.

BB tries to stop whale loaded on Nisshin.

Japanese whaling fleet’s harpoon vessel, Yushin Maru No. 2, with the slaughtered minke whale in Mackenzie Bay. The Japanese ocean-killers have mercilessly butchered over 15,000 whales since the 1986 world moratorium on whaling. Please support the direct-action conservation work of Sea Shepherd Global.

Photo credit: Glenn Lockitch / Sea Shepherd Australia


A freshly decapitated young bull elephant. Every 15 minutes another elephant is murdered. What kind of a world are we leaving the children?

Photo credit: wfuv.org

Each hour, 24/7/365, four majestic elephants are slaughtered for their ivory tusks.Poach2Ivory

21 tons of elephant ivory was confiscated in 2013. How many more tons this year are being gobbled up on the black market? Unknown, vast quantities.

Photo credit: aljazeera.com


Cameroon has announced that is has sent special army units to stop Northern Sudanese bloody poachers from entering its territory to decapitate elephants for their ivory.

Photo credit: economyanimals.blogspot.com

Forty years ago there were at least 1.2 million African elephants. Today, there are less than 400,000 elephants remaining. Thirty-five thousand beasts are poached each year. At this sickening rate of extermination, elephants will be extinct, which means gone forever, by 2025.


This unquenchable demand for rhino horn is coming from Vietnam, China and Thailand. In 2010 a rumor began circulating that a Vietnamese minister’s relative was cured by rhino horn powder. In addition, Chinese medicine routinely uses rhino horn powder to purportedly cure a range of ailments from rheumatism to ridding the soul of the devil. Photo credit: davest.wordpress.com


The savagery that is taking place in the name of supplying humans with animal parts, like this butchered rhino, is enough to make a grown man drop to his knees and weep uncontrollably. Nature and its Animal Kingdom stands no chance against this rapacious, blood thirsty human onslaught. Unless a massive worldwide concerted effort is mounted immediately, rhinos and elephants (and all other big game) will vanish quickly from the face of Earth.

Photo credit: allafrica.com

Every 8 hours, 24/7/365, one magnificent rhino is murdered for its $500,000 horn.

Since the 1960s rhino numbers have plummeted from 500,000 to 29,000.Chillingly, since 2007, poaching rhinos has increased five thousand percent. At this deranged rate of annihilation, rhinos will be extinct by 2020.


Scientists have irrefutably shown that rhino horn, which is comprised of keratin, is about as effective at curing cancer, common colds, or hangovers – as eating a human finger nail (which is also made up of keratin). There is no medicinal value in rhino horn whatsoever. Rhino horn is now seen in the Orient as a status symbol and it has become a magnet for the nouvelle riche. Ground-up rhino horn powder is being touted as a cure for hangovers, common colds and it’s even being used as a party drug.

Photo credit: cdnsmescience.com


A heartbreaking photo of an orphaned calf mourning its mother’s loss. Since 2002, the African forested elephant population has plummeted by 76 percent. In Tanzania alone the population estimate in 2008 was approximately 165,000 — today there are fewer than 23,000 elephants left.

Photo credit: express.co.uk


These loathsome poachers are armed with sophisticated weapons flowing-freely out of Libya where former oil baron and dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had stockpiled tons of armament. Using helicopters Lord’s Resistance Army shot elephants from the air, quickly landed, chain-sawed tusks off and carved animals open removing brains and genitalia for an insatiable Asian marketplace that craves animal aphrodisiacs and hokum animal cures for human diseases.

Garamba National Park just lost four percent of its dwindling elephant population of less than 2,000 critters. Twenty years ago, the Park boasted a robust population of over 20,000 elephants.


The Great Satao with his magnificent tusks.

Photo credit: markdeeble.wordpress.com

Today an even more exasperating announcement came across the wire from Tsavo National Park, Kenya. The world’s largest remaining elephant and last of the great tuskers ‘Great Satao’ with his extraordinary couple hundred-pound tusks reaching the ground was murdered with poisoned darts. Kenya lost its national icon and Earth lost a priceless global treasure including its phenomenal genetics.

Despite 24/7 protection, despicable poachers finally stole Great Satao’s breathtaking tusks, which were more reminiscent of a Pleistocene Ice Age Columbian mammoth rather than a modern-day African elephant.






~African Ecocide: The Bloody ‘War Against Nature’~

~~Uploaded June 17, 2014~~

Join Earth Dr. Reese Halter for another segment of SOS as he explains the awful poaching bloodlust for animal parts to supply the SE Asia and Chinese marketplace.


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


SUNDER update …. at his new home!!

~~June 6, 2014~~ 

July 2012 to present
Captured at a young age from the jungles of Bihar, elephant Sunder was prematurely taken away from his family. Sent to the Jyotiba Temple shortly after being captured – at the behest of politican Vinay Kore – Sunder was thrusted into a cruel life of street begging. Forced to wear spiked shackles that hindered his movement, Sunder’s days were filled with abuse & neglect at the hands of his mahouts.

Soon, Sunder’s plight would be an international issue.



After Years of Abuse, Sunder, the Elephant is Home at Last


 Sunder, a temple elephant in Maharashtra might have been tortured for his entire life but a recording of his abuse has helped to free him.

This elephant has survived abuse that no animal should. He was chained and beaten and it would have continued if not for the launch of a massive campaign backed by international celebrities like Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson to set him free.

He was mistreated at a temple in Maharashtra by his mahout and later abused when he was kept locked up in a poultry shed. But Sunder has now been rescued and taken to the Bannerghatta Biological Park, outside of Bangalore.


Dr. Sunil Kumar, a vet who accompanied the elephant said the biggest concern was a swelling on his leg caused by years of continuous chaining.

He made the long journey of 680 kms from Kolhapur to Bangalore by road in a truck and arrived at the park early on Friday morning. 

Dr Manilal Vaniyatte, from the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) which spearheaded the campaign told NDTV, “We came from Kolhapur and we had to take breaks in between. Sunder also enjoyed the journey. Bannerghatta Biological Park has been kind enough to take him as a new resident and he has 13 other elephants for company.”


The director of Sunder’s new home, Range Gowda, says he will be safe and cared for here. He told NDTV, “We have given an undertaking and will maintain him for the rest of his life now. But it will take a few months before he recovers fully. “

Sunder’s new life will begin now and we hope that his biggest challenge going ahead will be how to get a jackfruit in his mouth. 


~~After years of abuse, Sunder, the elephant is home at last~~

~~Published on Jun 6, 2014~~

Sunder, a temple elephant in Maharashtra might have been tortured for his entire life but a recording of his abuse has helped to free him. This elephant has survived abuse that no animal should. He was chained and beaten and it would have continued if not for the launch of a massive campaign backed by international celebrities like Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson to set him free.


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


Ten reasons …. why GMO foods aren’t needed!!

~~May 23, 2014~~

“10 reasons we don’t need GM foods”, a new short report from the authors of “GMO Myths and Truths”, is published today as a free download by the sustainability and science policy platform Earth Open Source.

Claire Robinson, co-author of the new report with genetic engineers Dr Michael Antoniou and Dr John Fagan, said:

“At just 11 pages plus references, ’10 reasons’ is designed for people who may not have the time to read ‘GMO Myths and Truths’, which extends to 330 pages. ’10 reasons’ is ideal for giving to friends, family, politicians, and journalists, when a longer document is not appropriate.

” ’10 reasons’ explains that GM crops do not increase yield potential or reduce pesticide use. Nor can they help us meet the challenges of climate change any better than existing non-GM crops, or deliver more nutritious foods. GM crops have been shown to have toxic effects on laboratory and farm animals.

“There is only one way in which GM crops outperform non-GM crops: they are easier to patent in a way that guarantees ownership not only of that GM plant variety but also all plants bred from it. This process enables consolidated ownership of the seed and food market by a few large companies on a scale that has never happened before.

“That is a recipe for loss of food sovereignty and security. It is the opposite to feeding the world – the line we are constantly fed to justify the introduction of GM crops.”

“10 reasons” is based on the extensive evidence collected in “GMO Myths and Truths”. THE TIME FOR GMO TRUTHs IS NOW.

Download “10 reasons we don’t need GM foods”:




~~10 Worrying Facts About Genetically Modified Food~~

~~Published on Mar 13, 2014~~

Cooked up in a lab and served on our plates, it’s time to investigate the 10 most worrying facts about GM foods. From venomous cabbages to spine tingling diseases, this might put you off your dinner.

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