For my Dad …. On Father’s Day June 15, 2014!!


~~June 15, 2014~~

This is my father, Jose F. Rexach-Catala. 

Remembering my Dad …. today and always!!

He was born in a small town on the East coast of Puerto Rico in 1911. He was the oldest of 11 siblings. His origins were humble yet he made it and became a productive member of his original family and community.

As you can see, he was a dapper, dashing Puerto Rican fellow.

In the early 1930’s, he moved to New York City, like many others like him, in search of a better world and the so famous “American dream”. He worked at anything that came his way and send funds to his family back home.

His younger brothers became engineers and created The Rexach Construction Company that was well known during the early years of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Most importantly, he married my Mother and started a family of his own.

He was a great man, a joker, a prankster, an instigator ….. all qualities that I have inherited from him.
He made me who I am, he gave me all I have.

Dad … you’re my hero. Miss you!



~~Paul Simon ~ Father & Daughter~~

~Uploaded April 17, 2007~



We ALL are ONE!!