To start the day …. “The Way of Waking Up”!!

~~September 19, 2014~~

“This beautiful video on enlightenment by philosopher Alan Watts discusses how enlightenment, or simply ‘waking up’ (The Buddha means ‘awake’), is a simple process that any one is capable of, yet we disallow ourselves to do it as we feel we don’t deserve it. As he eloquently puts it: “when you’re ready to wake up, you’re gonna wake up, and if you’re not ready you’re going to stay pretending that you’re just some ‘poor little me’”.

This video is a wake up call to anyone who’s still asleep and doesn’t know why, or doesn’t even care. Watching this video however, will not wake you up, but hopefully will change your perspective and allow you the first step towards doing something about your lack of total happiness.”

“As it appears on …. “



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~~Alan Watts ☮ The Way of Waking Up~~

~~Uploaded on Aug 18, 2010~~

What does it mean, to awaken?

A short movie narrated by Alan Watts, video created by Christopher Chase (admin of Tao & Zen on Facebook):

Thanks to Mark Watts for permission to put this up:


“So then, here’s the drama. My metaphysics, let me be perfectly frank with you, are that there is the central Self, you could call it God you could call it anything you like. And its all of us. Its playing all the parts of all beings whatsoever everywhere and anywhere.

And its playing the game of hide and seek with itself. It gets lost, it gets involved in the farthest out adventures but in the end it always wakes up, and comes back to itself. And when you’re ready to wake up, you’re gonna wake up. And if you’re not ready your gonna stay pretending that you’re poor little me.”

Background music by Kitaro- “Endless Water” and “Tree” from his album “Ki”.


We ALL are ONE!!