“Reader Appreciation Award” …. paying it forward!!

~~July 11, 2014~~

It Is What It Is” has been honored to receive this blogging award from the Idealistic Rebel. You an find her here:  http://idealisticrebel.wordpress.com/

This is a very interesting, educational and engaging blog. I recommend that you stop by and take a look!


This Award is designed to show Appreciation for the wonderful people who visit my blog and contribute their support and ideas.

There are no rules or requirements assigned for this award.

I have met many bloggers in the short time that this blog (my spot) has been operational. I have learned what I know about blogging from those who stop here and interact with me. I have created bonds with some which I believe will be for life. I’m learning from all of you. For that, I am very grateful.


~~Here are the people I wish to thank~~

Barbara (I need to give it back to you) …. http://idealisticrebel.wordpress.com/

Penny …. http://thewhyaboutthis.com/

Radonna …. http://simplyramazing.wordpress.com/

Valentine …. http://valentinelogar.com/

Cher …. http://thechicagofiles.wordpress.com/

Sir Jeremy …. http://theboipoet.wordpress.com/

Arlen …. http://arlenshah.wordpress.com/

Kitty …. http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/

Stephanie …. http://hopeandloveradio.com/

Xena …. http://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/

Patty …. http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/


This is an award to recognize the influence that you’ve had in me, on a personal level as well as in the way that I blog. It’s my way of saying thank you.

You don’t have to accept, just know that you are valued and appreciated.



~~Nikon D800 video in Sunflower Fields~~

~~Published on Sep 16, 2012~~

Sample footage shot using the Nikon D800 DSLR camera with a variety of Nikkor lenses in some large and spectacular sunflower fields.


We ALL are ONE!!