To start the day …. “Two Worlds, One Voice …. ‘being ñ’ …. “!!


~~September 16, 2016~~ 


How did I missed this?

I can’t believe it.

It was pointed out to me this morning by an American Facebook friend.

(Thank you, Kat!)

I went to their Facebook Page and their Website.

This is amazing!

So much information!

Experiences of many First Generation American/US born Latinos.

Very interesting to note that all stories are similar.

I will be one faithful follower.



Project ñ is a multi-platform media project for one of the fastest growing populations in the US today

First Generation American/US born Latinos.

The central organizing principle of the project is that first-generation American born Latinos or Enyes (ñ), share a distinct identity, shaped by their experience growing up between two cultures.

Their “home” culture reflects the heritage and traditions of their family’s country of origin and is often in conflict with the mainstream American culture they experience everywhere else.

Driving awareness of the shared Enye (ñ) experience, and giving it a name, generates a powerful sense of belonging for a population struggling to understand where they fit in.




Denise is a sought after speaker on the subject of identity, an entrepreneur, and an experienced internet marketer. She has built and managed large direct marketing sales teams, and led the sponsorship departments for House of Blues and high visibility Denver-based sporting events. She has been passionate about sharing (ñ) Stories and bringing the concept of (ñ) into the mainstream American consciousness since she first realized she was an (ñ) in her mid-twenties.

In addition to her work on the film, Soler Cox is a regular blog contributor to Huffington Post Latino and a syndicated content provider for

She has been featured on a diverse array of media including CNN Money, NBC News, Fox News Latino and Telemundo.



Henry Ansbacher is a four-time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award Nominee for producing films and television series that raise awareness and motivates change around a social or cultural issue.

His films have been broadcast on HBO, the BBC, PBS and on leading networks around the world.



Project ñ



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~~being ñ Trailer~~

~~Published on Jun 17, 2016~~

Now playing in select locations around the US!

Visit https://www.beingñ.com to find a screening near you!


We ALL are ONE!!