IOTD …. “Image of the Day …. Special Edition …. One year ago today, our PULSE skipped a beat …. We still Mourn …. “!!


~~June 12, 2017~~ 


On June 12, 2016, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States.

Pulse was hosting a “Latin Night” and thus most of the victims were Latinos. It was both the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in United States history.

It was also the deadliest terrorist attack in the United States since the September 11 attacks in 2001.




Andy Marlette

Andy Marlette, Cartoonist

He lives and works in Pensacola, FL

Born and raised by underpaid public school teachers in Sanford, Fla., Andy Marlette graduated from the University of Florida and became staff editorial cartoonist at the Pensacola News Journal in 2007.
Andy’s editorial cartoons have become both hated and adored by daily readers. His work has been awarded by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors for best editorial cartoons on state issues.

~Andy Marlette Facebook Page~


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A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. “ … very proud girl … “!!


~~August 9, 2016~~ 


I’m proud of who I am.

I’m proud I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

I’m proud of the human being I have become.

The Puerto Rican will always be in me.




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WPBoricua (1)

At the end of the day …. “Latin Frame of Mind: Juan Gabriel & Marc Anthony …. “!!


~~April 13, 2016~~ 


Juan Gabriel & Marc Anthony

On hump day, after a couple of margaritas at a local joint, this is what I want to listen to.

Brings all my heritage and my “insides’ to the forefront.

There’s the Latin in me.

It will never leave me.

That’s who I am, that’s what I’m proud to be, that’s within me.

The Latin blood runs through my veins.

And proud o f it … to no end!



Watch Artists Hug It Out In New Music Video

Juan Gabriel presents his most recent music video “Yo Te Recuerdo” featuring Marc Anthony. The single, which was released on December 2015, now counts with a nearly 4-minute long video featuring both El Divo de Juarez and the Puerto Rican salsa singer. With Anthony jumping on board, the 2003 record from Juanga’s “Inocente de Ti” album has a fresh salsa twist, ready for some dancing!

The video was released Tuesday morning on the iconic Mexican singer’s YouTube channel. However, it is expected to make its exclusive debut Tuesday afternoon on Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo,” with encore presentations on “Un Nuevo Día,” “Suelta la Sopa,” “Acceso Total,” “Titulares y Más” and NBC Universo.

 “Yo Te Recuerdo” is part of Gabriel’s recent studio album, “Los Dúo 2,” a production that features 16 tracks –ll of which are Juanga’s all-time classics!

After collaborating with artists such as Fifth Harmony, Juanes and Natalia Lafourcade in the first “Los Dúo” album released early 2015, the “Te Sigo Amando” singer unleashed a second part featuring brand new collabs.

“As it appears in …. full read’/full credit”



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~~Yo Te Recuerdo~~

Juan Gabriel – ft. Marc Anthony

~~Published on Apr 12, 2016~~

Music video by Juan Gabriel performing Yo Te Recuerdo.

(C) 2016 Don Alberto Aguilera Valadez Exclusiva Licencia Para Fonovisa Una División de Universal Music México S.A. de C.V


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At the end of the day …. One day like this!!


~~June 16, 2014~~

Sarah Brightman (born 14 August 1960) is an English classical crossover soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer. She has sung in many languages, including English, Spanish, French, Latin, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Catalan and Occitan.

Brightman began her career as a member of the dance troupe Hot Gossip and released several disco singles as a solo performer. In 1981, she made her West End musical theatre debut in Cats and met composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whom she married. She went on to star in several West End and Broadway musicals, including The Phantom of the Opera, where she originated the role of Christine Daaé. The Original London Cast Album of the musical was released in CD format in 1987 and sold 40 million copies worldwide, making it the biggest-selling cast album of all time.

Brightman is the first artist to have been invited twice to perform at the Olympic Games, first at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games where she sang “Amigos Para Siempre” with the Spanish tenor José Carreras with an estimated global audience of a billion people, and sixteen years later in Beijing, this time with Chinese singer Liu Huan, performing the song “You and Me” to an estimated 4 billion people worldwide. Since 2010, Brightman is Panasonic‘s global brand ambassador. Together they launched the song “Shall Be Done” at the 2010 Winter Games held in Vancouver, Canada. Brightman is the face of Panasonic’s strategic partnership agreement with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre as she stars in their joint campaign, “The World Heritage Special,” that was aired on the National Geographic Channel worldwide.

As of 2012, she is training for a space journey to the International Space Station, currently set for 2015.



“One Day Like This”

Drinking in the morning sun
Blinking in the morning sun
Shaking off the heavy one
Oh, heavy like a loaded gun
What made me behave that way?
Using words I never say?
I can only think it must be love
Oh anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day
Someone tell me how I feel
It’s silly wrong, but vivid right
Oh, kiss me like the final meal
Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight
‘Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
And only now I see the light
Yeah, lying with me half awake
Oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day
When my face is chamois creased
If you think I wink, I did
Oh, kiss me when my lips are thin
‘Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
And only now I see the light
Yeah, lying with you half awake
Stumbling over what to say
Well, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day
So throw those curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right
Throw those curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right

~Sarah Brightman~

One Day Like This

(Official Video)

~Uploaded March 25, 2013~



Holi is a spring festival also known as the festival of colors or the festival of love. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia.

It is primarily observed in IndiaNepal, and other regions of the world with significant populations of Hindus or people of Indian origin. The festival has, in recent times, spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colours.

Holi celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi where people gather, sing and dance. The next morning is a free-for-all carnival of colours, where participants play, chase and color each other with dry powder and colored water, with some carrying water guns and colored water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders.


The frolic and fight with colors occurs in the open streets, open parks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carry drums and musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance. People move and visit family, friends and foes, first play with colours on each other, laugh and chit-chat, then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. Some drinks are intoxicating. For example, Bhang, an intoxicating ingredient made from cannabis leaves, is mixed into drinks and sweets and consumed by many. In the evening, after sobering up, people dress up, visit friends and family.

Holi is celebrated at the approach of vernal equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). The festival date varies every year, per the Hindu calendar, and typically comes in March, sometimes February in the Gregorian Calendar. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair ruptured relationships.



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