Mayagüez, Puerto Rico ….. “American Capital of Culture 2015”!!


~~September 1, 2015~~

Mayagüez will be the American Capital of Culture 2015


This is very important to me.

Even though I was born in the San Juan are, I spent the last twenty years of my life and worked in Mayagüez before moving to the mainland.

This is an incredible honor and an awesome opportunity to expose the goodness, environmental treasures, cultural riches and incredible qualities of Puerto Rico.



La Sultana del Oeste is also American Capital of Culture, a recognition that all shared with Puerto Rico.

“With so many negative news, the country stands with the great news that the world recognizes us as Cultural Capital of the Americas,” said the mayor of Mayaguez, José Guillermo Rodriguez to be informed of the appointment.

The selection was announced by Rodriguez and Secretary of State David Bernier, once the president of the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals (IBOCC), Xavier Tudela, inform them of the decision from Barcelona (Spain). A week ago in Mayagüez Tudela met to evaluate in situ the candidacy of the city.

The IBOCC is an organization based in Barcelona for the first time has decided that this designation is shared by a city and its “country” in this case Puerto Rico.

“With this appointment it is proposed that not only celebrates the cultural capital Mayagüez, but the remaining 77 municipalities of Puerto Rico to adopt the project and integrate the management of disclosure and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of this Caribbean island” IBOCC explained in a statement.


According Tudela, from now Mayagüez and Puerto Rico will receive an outstanding international promotion during 2015, which will hold the title of American Capital of Culture through media such as Antena channel 3 International of Spain and Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic, both official television project.

The American Capital of Culture, created in 1998, aims to promote inter-American integration from the cultural field and contribute to a better understanding between the peoples of the Americas, respecting their national and regional diversity and highlighting heritage while common cultural similarities.

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~Puerto Rico Capital Americana de la Cultura 2015~

~Published on Feb 21, 2015~

A partir de febrero, Puerto Rico es la Capital Americana de la Cultura 2015. Este spot publicitario integra la campaña de promoción internacional.



We ALL are ONE!! 

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To start the day …. “Immigration Myths Busted: Short and Sweet”!!


~~August 28, 2015~~ 


Donald Trump’s comments on immigration have added fuel to an ongoing debate. But what are the real facts (and myths) about immigration?


10 Myths About Immigration

Most immigrants are here illegally

It’s just as easy to enter the country legally today as it was when my ancestors arrived

There’s a way to enter the country legally for anyone who wants to get in line

My ancestors learned English, but today’s immigrants refuse

Today’s immigrants don’t want to blend in and become “Americanized”

Immigrants take good jobs from Americans

Undocumented immigrants bring crime

Undocumented immigrants don’t pay taxes but still get benefits

The United States is being overrun by immigrants like never


Anyone who enters the country illegally is a criminal


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~Busting The Biggest Immigration Myths In America~

~~Published on Aug 18, 2015~~

Donald Trump’s ignorant, arrogant and biased comments on immigration have added fuel to an ongoing debate.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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