IOTD …. Special Edition …. “Red Baseball Caps …. more slogans …. “!!


~~October 2, 2016~~ 


Baseball caps have been a fad in pop culture for a long time.

The red baseball cap gained new popularity when it became the standard bearer for

Make America Great Again“.

Plenty people have either bought them (I’m kinda skeptical that they were simply given away) as a symbol of the candidate they had chosen for the Presidential Elections 2016.

Crooked Donald

There’s a new one!

Lost $916 Million

Hence the reluctance to release the tax returns as has been the usual procedure for the last 40 years.

Now we know!



Donald Trump Tax Returns Reportedly Show $916 Million Loss in 1995

Donald Trump’s income tax returns from 1995 reportedly show he declared a $916 million loss, according to the New York Times, which said it received three pages from Trump’s filings that year.

The Times posted three pages it said were from Trump’s New York, New Jersey and Connecticut state income tax filings from 1995, all of which declared a loss of $915,729,293.

The documents came to the newspaper by mail, with a New York City postmark, the Times reported.

The paper said the legitimacy of the documents was confirmed by Jack Mitnick, a lawyer and certified public accountant who handled Trump’s tax affairs until 1996 and who was listed as the preparer on the New Jersey tax form.


“There it is,” said campaign manager Robby Mook.

“This bombshell report reveals the colossal nature of Donald Trump’s past business failures and just how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever.

In one year, Donald Trump lost nearly a billion dollars. A billion.

He stiffed small businesses, laid off workers, and walked away from hardworking communities.

And how did it work out for him?

He apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades – while tens of millions of working families paid theirs.

He calls that ‘smart.'”


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To start the day ….. “Meet The Man …. Behind All The Anti-LGBT Laws Nationwide”!!


~~April 15, 2016~~ 


As I was looking through my Facebook Timeline a while ago, I found this “tiny morsel” of information that made me cringe.

I thought we had enough of that woman and here she pops in again.


Because of the lawyer that was with her through her “awful ordeal”.

Come to find out that he’s the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, the conservative group behind Ms. Davis defense.

Why don’t I find this hard to believe?

First thought I have when SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality:

This is just the beginning.

…. and here it is!

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.



When hatred takes human form, it looks a lot like the founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel Matthew Staver

You may recognize him as the lawyer for the infamous Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis who refused to do her job because her hatred was too big a burden to bear so she chose prison instead.

She just couldn’t stand the thought of two loving people of the same gender getting married, so she showed us just a taste of what was about come in terms of hating the LGBT community.

And she had Staver as her equally bigoted lawyer.


What’s come since Davis’ hissy fit has been a string of anti-LGBT bills disguised as “religious freedom” laws, and Staver is the man behind the hate nationwide. CBS News investigated and came to find out that it’s been Staver leading this zealous crusade.

From laws prohibiting transgender individuals from using the proper bathroom to allowing businesses the right to refuse service to the LGBT community, Staver has been there through it all.

Yet, he cleverly words his hatred as such:

 “It is only about being free to pursue your faith.

We have no interest in discriminating against anyone.”

No, Staver, the First Amendment already guarantees your freedom to pursue your faith, what you’re doing is helping states all across the nation write laws to specifically discriminate against LGBT individuals.

You are making it legal to deny service or evict tenants based on sexual orientation. This legislated hate is taking away the freedom of LGBT citizens to grant the freedom to legally discriminate to religious zealots afraid gay money has gay cooties.

And God forbid a transgender person needs to pee.


Oh, and get this, Staver doesn’t think businesses are really going to pull out of the states that have enacted these laws. He’s supposedly calling their “bluff.” He’s about to be in for a rude awakening, because being on the wrong side of history has never boded well for any bigot. His hatred for the gay community is bizarre. If he wants freedom, live and let live. It really can be that easy.

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CBS News investigation finds Kim Davis’ lawyer behind anti-LGBT bills in 20 states

By: David Edwards

After governors in North Carolina and Mississippi recently signed laws limiting the rights of LGBT people, CBS News began investigating why so many anti-LGBT bills were cropping up in state legislatures around the country.

The network found that the conservative group Liberty Counsel had placed lawyers in all 50 states to draft legislation and advise lawmakers on how to rein in the rights of LGBT people in response to a Supreme Court ruling which legalized same-sex marriage in 2015.

CBS determined that bills tied to Liberty Counsel have been filed in at least 20 states so far.

“Well I certainly want to push back against that [same-sex marriage] ruling,” Liberty Counsel founder Matt Staver told CBS News. “It was a wrong ruling. It has no basis in the constitution.”

“The Supreme Court in the 5-4 opinion on marriage in 2015 lit the house on fire,” he added. “All we’re trying to do is control the fire at this point in time.”

Staver insisted that the bills were “about being free to pursue your faith,” and that his group had “no interest in discriminating against anyone.”

He also asserted that companies did not have the guts to go through with boycotts of states that enacted pro-discrimination legislation.

“They’re not gonna follow through,” he declared. “It’s a bluff. They’re not leaving.”


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~~June 26, 2015~~


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~~Group behind states’ religious freedom laws speaks out~~

~~Published on Apr 13, 2016~~

Lawmakers in several states are passing bills to protect those who cite religious beliefs for refusing to serve or employ people in the LGBT community. These bills began to crop up in state legislatures soon after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage last year. As Dean Reynolds reports, the same group is behind most of the new legislation.


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IOTD …. Images of the day, #441 …. “Alexandra Lúgaro …. “!!


~~February 1, 2016~~



Alexandra Lúgaro was born on June 10, 1981 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated from the High School of the University of Puerto Rico at the age of 15 and was admitted to its Río Piedras Campus where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with triple concentration in Finance, Marketing and Economics and subsequently her Juris Doctor.

In 2014, she obtained her Masters of Laws (LL.M.) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she is currently finishing her Doctorate in Financial and Taxation Law.

During the last decade she has served as Executive Director of corporations America Aponte and Associates and The Metropolitan New School of America, where she has drafted competitive proposals for federal and state funds with which to implement innovative science-based educational initiatives in Puerto Rico. For the last 15 years, she has successfully directed dozens of educational projects and millionaire budgets, improving student academic achievement in over 500 schools in Puerto Rico.


On the other hand, through her private practice as a lawyer, she has provided legal assistance to those who are unfamiliar with the judicial system and can’t afford adequate legal representation.

Faced with the notable deterioration in the social, economic and educational frameworks of the island, Alexandra Lúgaro has decided to do something on the matter; she will aspire to the governorship of Puerto Rico as an independent candidate in the next general election.

Lúgaro, has evaluated the budgets of the main agencies, studied the complex current situation, what countries with resources similar to Puerto Rico’s have done to improve, all with the purpose of developing a serious and coherent Government platform. She has met with experts of all the ideologies and disciplines, people committed to the country that have provided her with their knowledge and experience.


She comes to work without any ties to individuals or entities and without fear of making the decisions that are necessary to improve Puerto Rico’s social and economic panorama.

Decisions she will base on scientific research and planning to implement strategies in what she esteems must be the two priority areas to be worked with: Economy and Education.

Lúgaro is aware that running as an independent candidate is a huge challenge, but as a Puerto Rican and as a mother, she knows very well the kind of country where she wants her daughter to be educated and live in. She is convinced that we have the human and fiscal resources to get up, what we have to do is administer them correctly and that precisely, is her greatest area of expertise.

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Alexandra Lúgaro


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WPBoricua (1)

Thoughts for today, #187 … “Correct me if I’m Wrong”!!


~~June 27, 2015~~ 

Brian K. Sims (born September 16, 1978) is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 182nd district. Elected in 2012, Sims is also a lawyer and activist on LGBT civil rights.

Sims is the first openly gay elected state legislator in Pennsylvania history.

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