IOTD …. Image of the day, #567 …. “Fall is Here …. Little Critters Know …. “!!


~~September 14, 2016~~ 


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

~Albert Camus~

We ALL are  connected through NATURE!! 



The Dodo


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Johannes Stötter Art …. Impressive Bodypainting!!


~~April 9, 2015~~ 

Johannes Stötter Art

Johannes Stötter is artist, musician and fine art bodypainter. Born and based in South Tyrol (Italy), he spent his early childhood in the high Alps and grew up with 3 brothers and a sister in a family of musicians. He sings, plays violin, whistle and bouzouki in the Celtic Folk band “Burning Mind“, he studied education and philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and was involved in several social projects which he combined with art and music.


As a fully autodidactic artist Johannes developed his painting style and his bodypainting technique without any relation to other bodypainting artists and their work. He joined the international bodypainting community in 2009 at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, where he took part at the bodypainting world championship for the first time.

In the following years he won many awards, most notably he was WORLD CHAMPION 2012, Vice World Champion 2011 and 2014, Italian Champion 2011 and 2013, winner of the North American Bodypainting Championship, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2013 and Winner of the “International Fine Art Bodypainting Award” 2014.

In 2013 he became world famous with his legendary creation of a tropical frog consisting of 5 human bodies, so he made headlines in the world press and was featured in newspapers, magazines and online magazines.


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



Welcome to the website of Johannes Stötter, artist, musician and fine-art-bodypainter. He has always been a passionful artist and his works are influenced by spiritual and nature-related themes. Find what you need to know about his life and his work Read what Johannes can do for you and how to contact him Find out about his next project or event See and enjoy about 100 photos of his paintings on canvas, Natureart and bodypaintings, which are grouped into various themes.


~~The Frog Impressive Creation~~

Fine Art Bodypainting

~~Published on Jul 6, 2013~~

A masterpiece created by Johannes Stötter:
a tropical frog consisting of five people.


~~Body painting: a Tropical Frog Draw~~

~~Published on Mar 29, 2015~~

On first inspection, this picture appears to be of a tropical frog sitting on top of a leaf in a far-flung rainforest.

However it is actually an incredible illusion by body painter Johannes Stoetter, who creates fine art by turning people into nature’s weirdest and most wonderful animals with a flick of a paintbrush. The artist, a former body-painting world champion, takes his inspiration from the natural world and has gained a reputation for creating eye-bending masterpieces.

The 36-year-old artist used five people to recreate the lifelike tropical tree frog – which has quickly become one his most impressive creations. The fine-art painter spends up to five months painstakingly planning and perfecting each one of his amazing creations.

Each work of art then takes up to eight hours to complete using special breathable paint.

The stunning creations, which include fruit made from painted heads, have earned Johannes the World Body Painting Champion title.


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We ALL are ONE!!