HATERS …. lurking out there!!

~~June 1, 2014~~

Hater is a derogatory term used to describe people who are derogatory towards people.

Haters behave as such not out of jealousy, but out of the need to reduce the target of hatred’s standing. The term is often used as an abusive ad hominem attack to dismiss any negative criticism. It is also often commits the fallacy of begging the question as it exempts the abusive use of the word hater from being considered hateful by assuming it’s reasonable and the criticism made by the supposed hater is not.

Haters are identified as people who offer solely negative criticism to others, without justification. Haters deal in negative cognitive bias, prejudicially arriving at a conclusion first and then drawing in their reasons afterward, refusing to alter their conclusion with exposure to the opinions of others. Haters are frequently thought of as imposing their self-hate on others.

A Hater is not simply someone who offers criticism. It is sometimes used as an accusation against others with different opinions, even against those who offer constructive criticism.

Furthermore, mere negativity does not make a Hater – it is negativity without a justifiable basis.

~~Word and Concept Origins~~

The term hater dates back to the 14th century, though at this time it was defined simply as “one who hates an enemy.” The modern usage of the term sometime around the late 1990s. A lot of people use slang terms without knowing their true origins.

Back in the days (80s) there was a group of police called the Cowboys. They were a rough bunch who were actually profiled on the news show 60 Minutes. Phil ran with a crew who called themselves the Playboys.. “players” for short.

The cowboys used to mess with Phil’s crew and hence got dubbed ‘Player Haters‘. That was the original meaning., Then in the 90’s rapper Biggie Smalls used it in his song “Playa Hater”. The song proclaims “we have the playas, and we have the playa haters”, and continues “please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”, accusing Biggie’s critics of jealousy.



~~Thank You Hater!~~

by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

~~Published on Jun 8, 2012~~

Thank You Hater song is now available:
All profits will go to http://www.beatbullying.org/

Dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere.

Love ya, keep on trollin’! 

We ALL are connected through this wonderful web we WEAVE!! 


Well hello friend Mister Insightful
Thank you for your comment on my little Youtube clip!
Most people say you’re cruel and spiteful,
But you’re right, how do I sleep at night? I am a massive prick.

They call you hater well they’re just jealous
Your constructive pearls of wisdom give me thrills I can’t deny
How will we know if you don’t tell us
We could improve our Youtube channels by “fucking off and dying”?

Some might say you are a…
Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
Cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin,
Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
Cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin,
But I say: thank you beautiful stranger.

I love the way you don’t upload things
You know we’d be too dazzled by your cinematic vision
But you’re there on every comment string
Where you teach us, just like Jesus but while wanking like a gibbon.

I’m really sure that if I met you
You probably wouldn’t rape me like you promised that you would
We are like “that”; I really get you
You’re right about that laughing kid, he is a total “cnut”.

(Samba instrumental)

You wished me cancer and misspelled “cancer”
But I know that it’s a metaphor. You hope that I will grow,
Just like the tumour you hoped would kill me
Inside the tits on which you said you’d also like a go.

You said that girls shouldn’t do funny
But you’d fuck me double hard and let your mates go after you.
Oh what a line you lovely honey.
Are you on e-harmony? Oo! I’ll join the queue!

Some might say you’re a…
sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
cowardly, illitterate, waste of human skin,
sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
cowardly, iliterate, waste of human skin.

But if it wasn’t for you my darling,
I would never have written this tune.
Some might say that You’re So Vain,
But this song is all about you!

We ALL are ONE!!

At the end of the day …. UNITED!!

~~May 22, 2014~~ 

Playing for Change is a multimedia music project, created by the American producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson with his Timeless Media Group, that seeks to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. Playing For Change also created a separate non-profit organization called the Playing For Change Foundation, which builds music schools for children around the world.


Playing For Change was born in 2002 as a shared vision between co-founders, Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke, to hit the streets of America with a mobile recording studio and cameras in search of inspiration and the heartbeat of the people. Producers Mark Johnson and Enzo Buono, traveled around the world to places including New OrleansBarcelonaSouth AfricaIndiaNepal, the Middle East and Ireland.

Using mobile recording equipment, the duo recorded local musicians performing the same song, interpreted in their own style. Among the artists participating or openly involved in the project are Vusi MahlaselaLouis MhlangaClarence BekkerTal Ben Ari (Tula)BonoKeb’ Mo’David BrozaManu Chao and Grandpa Elliott. This musical journey resulted in the award-winning documentary, “A Cinematic Discovery of Street Musicians.”


In 2005, Mark Johnson was walking in Santa Monica, California, when he heard the voice of Roger Ridley (now deceased) singing “Stand By Me.” Roger had so much soul and conviction in his voice, and Mark approached him about performing “Stand By Me” as a Song Around The World. Roger agreed, and when Mark returned with recording equipment and cameras he asked Roger, “With a voice like yours, why are you singing on the streets?” Roger replied, “Man I’m in the Joy business, I come out to be with the people.”

Ever since that day, the Playing For Change crew has traveled the world recording and filming musicians, creating Songs Around The World, and building a global family.

Creating Songs Around The World inspired the PFC crew to unite many of the greatest musicians they met throughout their journey through the creation of the Playing For Change Band. These musicians come from many different countries and cultures, but through music they speak the same language.

The PFC Band is now touring the world and spreading the message of love and hope to audiences everywhere.

The true measure of any movement is what it gives back to the people. The founders of Playing For Change therefore created the Playing For Change Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world, and creating hope and inspiration for the future of our planet.


Lyrics (English)

(Choruses and Verses separated) CHORUSES: 1st I wanna see the world United and learn to live as one I wanna see the world United and learn to live as one I wanna see the world United and learn to live as one I wanna see the world United and learn to live as one

2nd & 3rd We have to bring the world together And learn to live as one We have to bring the world together And learn to live as one

4th & 5th We have to bring the world together We have to live as one We have to bring the world together We shall overcome

6th We have to live as one


Lingala Verse This is the answer for the people Who lost their loved ones from war. This is the answer for the people Who lost their loved ones from hunger.

Spanish Verse The moment is what counts Live smiling until the end But happy days will come That nobody can believe

Hebrew Verse It´s time to say, We are all one heart This song is of all of us So let´s sing it together in one big voice.

Arabic Verse Lord of peace….give us/bring us/gift us with peace







~~United – Playing For Change~~

~~Published on Sep 2, 2013~~

We ALL are ONE!! 


Eurovision 2014 Winner Conchita Wurst …. “Rise Like A Phoenix”!!

~~May 12, 2014~~

She’s fabulous and stylish with Kim Kardashian looks and the pipes to match. She also has a beard. Meet Conchita Wurst, an Austrian cross-dressing star on the European singing TV show Eurovision.

Conchita Wurst just won Eurovision!

Wurst, whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, has been a polarizing figure in this year’s contest. Case in point: Russia, where 16,000 people have signed a petition to ban the program because of Wurst’s participation. “This is a breaking point, and the future of our children depends on us,” writes Mikhail Tsvetkov, the petition’s author and the head of a parents group in Tver, a city in northern Moscow. 

“As parents we must stop the insanity of the decaying West and protect our home from sodomy!” No stranger to controversy, Wurst has taken the criticism in stride. She spoke to Vocativ about beards, love and the difficulty of wearing a corset.

Tell me how Conchita Wurst was born?

Being a teenager is a very tough time.

I’ve always had to struggle with discrimination and bullying. I really tried to fit in. I changed myself into everything you can imagine. I tried to be very outgoing. I tried to be shy. But I never really fit in. At the end of the day, I decided that I wanted to be myself. So I came up with this idea of a bearded lady because I want to say with this look that it’s not important how you look. And it’s not important where you are from or what the color of your skin is. It is just about you, and everybody is beautiful in their own way.

I wanted to shout out to the world: “Do whatever you want and be whomever you want, as long as you are not hurting anybody.”Why did you try out for Eurovision? It is a pretty mainstream song contest, and it really makes you stand out.

In addition to my message, I am also a musician. And the Eurovision song contest is such a big opportunity to sing to Europe. It’s such a big honor to stand there as a musician and sing your heart out and hopefully touch people with it.

At the same time I got a chance to spread my message. So it’s really the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

ROSSATZ, AUSTRIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Conchita Wurst performing at the 'Starnacht aus der Wachau' on September 21, 2013 in Rossatz, Austria.  (Photo by Moni Fellner/Getty Images)Conchita Wurst performs in Rossatz, Austria. (Getty Images) 

How do you switch between being Thomas Neuwirth and Conchita Wurst?

When the magic hair is on, I am Conchita. This is like my uniform. When I go to work, I put on my makeup and hair, and I do my thing. I take it very seriously. For example, whenever I am rehearsing, I know that Conchita sings very differently from Tom. I don’t know why. I am more focused when I am Conchita because of this look.

And when I am at home, I am a very boring and ordinary boy.

What is boring Thomas like?

I live a very simple life. I don’t live in a mansion. I have a small flat and do laundry — all the regular stuff. Conchita has all the glitter — the events, singing on stage and getting flowers. But I really enjoy doing nothing when I have time off.

Is being a woman difficult?

Oh, my God! You girls out there — you’ve got my heart. The bra and the shoes, and there are some things that I need to hide. And it’s not always comfortable, to be honest. Wearing a corset is the least comfortable thing I have to do. My friend made it. Her name is Tamara Maskara. What a great name, isn’t it? I really love doing it. It’s so much fun! But it’s really hard being a woman.

Of course, I say that it’s not important how you look. But for me personally, it’s very important, and I put so much into this. I want to look perfect in every picture. I love doing makeup, and I love doing my hair and dressing up. I feel more comfortable in this persona than being a boy at home

How do you feel when you switch back to being a man?

After a long day of wearing high heels — and every girl knows this — the moment you take them off is such a release. That’s the nicest part.

Tell me about the discrimination that you’ve encountered in your home country?

There are people who like me and people who don’t. There are intolerant people around the world. They are also in Austria. There is also this big deal about the Russians. But I always say that it’s not about a specific country.

There are intolerant people everywhere. I am a positive person, and I focus on the positive things in life. I don’t pay too much attention to the negativity out there, because I just don’t care.

If you had a chance to personally confront the people who say hateful things about you, what would you say?

I would ask them what their problem is. Because it’s just a beard! That’s the only thing that everybody is talking about. It’s just facial hair. Thank you for your attention, but I don’t think it’s that interesting. I would like to ask them why they are so filled with hate. I don’t get it.

But at the same time, keeping a beard seems to be an important artistic statement, yes?

I know that bearded women are not common. And I want to change that. My dream is that, in the future, any girl who wants to have a beard can just do it. But we have to start somewhere. And I am trying to do that.

This is a little goal for me. Everyone is looking at me and talking about it. And the best thing that could happen is that they discuss it at their kitchen table.

What do you think about LGBT issues in Russia?

I don’t have words for it. We are living in the 21st century, and I don’t understand why we even have to talk about that. For me, it’s not important whom you love. This is why I am doing this. This intolerance needs to stop. We are not hurting anyone and we are just human beings. The funny thing is that 10 years ago Russia sent two lesbian girls to Eurovision.

Yes, but they weren’t real lesbians.

Of course, they were not really gay, but they still kissed on stage. I guess if you play a gay couple, then it’s OK.



~~Conchita Wurst – My Heart Will Go On~~

~~Uploaded on Sep 23, 2011~~

(Die grosse Chance – Casting Show 3 – 9/23/2011

~~Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix~~

(Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision

~~Published on May 8, 2014~~

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Austria: Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix live at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014






ROSSATZ, AUSTRIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Conchita Wurst attends the startalk prior the 'Starnacht aus der Wachau' at Heuriger Polz on September 21, 2013 in Rossatz, Austria.  (Photo by Moni Fellner/Getty Images)


Waking in the rubble
Walking over glass
Neighbours say we’re trouble
Well that time has passed

Peering from the mirror
No, that isn’t me
A stranger getting nearer
Who can this person be?

You wouldn’t know me at all today
From the fading light I fly

Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes, seeking rather than vengeance
Retribution, you were warned
Once I’m transformed, once I’m reborn

You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you’re my flame

Go about your business
Act as if you’re free
No one could have witnessed
What you did to me

‘Cause you wouldn’t know me today
And you have got to see to believe
From the fading light I fly

Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes, seeking rather than vengeance
Retribution, you were warned
Once I’m transformed, once I’m reborn

I rise up to the sky
You threw me down but I’m gonna fly

And rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes, seeking rather than vengeance
Retribution, you were warned
Once I’m transformed, once I’m reborn

You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you’re my flame

~~ESCKAZ in Copenhagen: Austria meet and greet Conchita Wurst~~

~~Published on Apr 30, 2014~~

Video by DR/EBU http://www.eurovision.tv/

Team of ESCKAZ.com reporting live from Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen Denmark.

We ALL are ONE!!