Something to think about …. “Trump Voters …. Christian Fascist Racists or totally unaware …. you decide …. “!!


~~November 16, 2016~~ 


‘I am sick of everybody making excuses for the Trump voter!
It’s “Oh, they’re not really racist”.

They are just “ignorant as f*ck and they just wanted change” so they voted for and were duped by the same old Reagan/Bush line of lies & deception”.


They are racist as HELL and they are also fascist as HELL too, and they don’t even know it!!
They are Christian Fascist Racists, and they know exactly what they are doing!
America needs to wake up and see the “Writing on the Wall”…
This Trump Presidency is nothing but a “Dress Rehearsal for Fascism!”

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I must say that I believe that this doesn’t truly apply to ALL of them.

I want to believe that. I have to believe that.

However, it’s hard not to do so when acts of hatred, bigotry, bullying, sexism, white supremacy propaganda, homophobia, abuse and more are seen on social media and in reputable platforms as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I think it’s fair to say that white Americans voted for this.



~US hate crimes are surging after Trump’s win~

The Southern Poverty Law Center has recorded more than 400 incidents of harassment and hate in the first six days since Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

President-elect Trump – apparently surprised by these incidents, although his campaign should be used to charges of racism by now – has called on people to stop.

He has said he wants to “bind the wounds of division.”

(Yeah, right!)

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