Derek and Julianne Perform …. “Dancing with the Stars …. Unbelievable Number …. “!!


~~April 10, 2017~~ 


~feelings of heartache and searing emotions~

Two of my favorite dance performers, on one of my favorite shows.

This dance was a performance awash with feelings.

Heartwarming and meaningful.

Their talent is amazing!



Derek & Julianne Hough Chill Audience With Devastating Dance About Parents’ Divorce

Both world renowned dancers and doting siblings, Derek and Julianne Hough took a unique approach to their recent dance performance on Dancing With The Stars, leaving their audience members with sharp feelings of heartache and searing emotions. The number was intended to publicly display the painful ramifications of their parents’ divorce, choosing to tell their heart-rendering story through their most expressive gift: dance.

The brother and sister took on an exceptionally intricate approach to their performance, utilizing various actors to portray both their parents and their childhood selves.

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~~Derek and Julianne Performance~~

Dancing with the Stars

~~Published on Apr 3, 2017~~

Derek and Julianne Hough dance to “Unsteady (Erich Lee Gravity Remix)” by X Ambassadors on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Vegas Night!


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Skeptical third world kid … I think I found another new love!!

~~October 7, 2014~~ 


I don’t know who is he is or where he came from. I wonder who he is, where’s he’s gone and what has become of him. I don’t know who claims credit for the initial photograph. I do know he’s so cute and endearing. 

I found out about this little guy when the #IceBucketChallenge fad was in full blast. At the point that I first “met him”, he was wondering if, in spite of the water shortage in some places, there were people pouring it over themselves for a “challenge“.

I find his expression so endearing, so real and so meaningful. It’s an expression that says a lot …. and brings many realities to the forefront. The captions are as different and varied as the people who have “found him” and have created the captions.

Here you have some of the ones I’ve found.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I have included some links to the meme generators in case you are inclined to make your own. They are at the “SOURCE” section below.


~~Enjoy a “Skeptical third world kid” Gallery~~

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~~Skeptical third world kid~~

~~Published on Oct 9, 2012~~

This funny meme offers up many takes on the very skeptical looking third world kid as he suspiciously eyes the foreigner.


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. Yanni’s Aria!!


~~August 23, 2014~~

Today is a day where positive thoughts, bright light and healing energy are needed in this household. 

Music has always been a refuge and a comfort for me. It’s played a very important part in my life. Once again, I rely on music …. to make it through some rough spots.

This is a meaningful, triumphal, lyrical song that touches the heart and soothes the soul. There are a few versions of this song and they are all inspiring!


Yanni’s “Aria” (from Yanni Live at the Acropoplis) is based on The Flower Duet, from the Léo Delibes opera Lakmé, and popularized by various British Airways TV commercials.

Lakmé is an opera in three acts by Léo Delibes to a French libretto by Edmond Gondinet and Philippe Gille, based on the 1880 novel Rarahu ou Le Mariage de Loti by Pierre Loti.

The subject of the opera was suggested by Gondinet as a vehicle for the American soprano Marie van Zandt. Delibes wrote the score during 1881-82. Like other French operas of the period, Lakmé captures the ambience of the Orient that was in vogue during the latter part of the nineteenth century; Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers and Massenet’s Le roi de Lahore being two other examples.


As noted above, this beautiful song was popularized by  various British Airways TV commercials.

~~1989 British Airways Commercial~~

~~Uploaded on Jul 3, 2006~~

The British Airways face commercial.


Yanni Live at the Acropolis is the name of both an album and video by Greek composer Yanni, recorded live at the Herodes Atticus Theatre, Athens, Greece, on September 25, 1993, and released in 1994.

In a three-year television deal with PBS, the live television special was one of the top fundraising subjects for PBS, raising $13 million, with more than 750,000 home videos and more than 7 million albums sold worldwide. It has been seen in 65 countries by half a billion people, has almost continuously remained on the charts since its release, and is the second best-selling music video of all time.

This album peaked at #1 on “Billboard’sTop New Age Albums” chart and at #5 on the “Billboard 200” chart in the same year. The film received an Emmy nomination in 1994 for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Drama Series, Variety Series, Miniseries or a Special“. The corresponding concert tour of the year was “Yanni Live, The Symphony Concerts 1994“.



(Live at the Acropolis)

~~Uploaded on Oct 4, 2007~~

ARIA ” is loosely based upon a short, but beautiful part of the 19th century French opera, lakme, by Leo Delibes. Yanni has revived ARIA with a lot of passion in this wonderful super production in Acropolis. Watch it , you will never forget it!



Sous le dome epais
Ou le blanc jasmin
A la rose s’assemble
Sur la rive en fleurs
Riant au matin

Viens, descendons ensemble.
Doucement glissons
De son flot charmant
Suivons le courant
Fuyant, dans

L’onde fremissante
D’une main nonchalante
Viens, gagnons le bord
Ou la souree dort

Et l’oiseau
L’oiseau chante
Sous le dome epais
Sous le blanc jasmin
Ah, descendons ensemble





(Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

~~Published on Aug 12, 2012~~

This is a very special one for me. Yanni played in Puerto Rico, my country. The concert took place at the Castillo San Felipe del Morro also known as Fort San Felipe del Morro or Morro Castle, is a 16th-century citadel located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


We ALL are ONE!!