Thoughts for today, #160: “Golden Opportunities”!!


~~May 16, 2015 ~~ 



Self-Expansion: kindness and forgiveness

Desire and anger: the two greatest barriers

Meditation: your most important engagement

Forsake all attachments

Devotion and mental whispers
live in the consciousness of goodness

Inner calmness

Live a balanced life

Resolve firmly to “try and try again”


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Something to think about …. “Meditation”!!


~~April 28, 2015~~ 

Meditation is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of reference. It can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. In other words, meditation means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment.

Meditating is deceptively simple.

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To start the day …. “Sunday Thoughts: Prayers for Humanity”!!

~~October 18, 2014~~

“Through a series of channeled messages, I have been directed to assist in raising awareness of the potential destruction of humanity and the earth through all of these wars that are being raged at this time … all for the sake of religion, power, and control. Each day, we are asking you to spend 5 minutes in meditation, visualization, and prayer to help heal the planet and her inhabitants of this overwhelming anger and intolerance for one another’s beliefs.

We need to pray for an end to hostilities and not only visualize it coming to an end – but KNOWING that it is coming to an end right now! Pray and visualize everyone on the planet honoring and respecting each others belief system – that we are actually raising the vibrations of the Earth, so that we can live in a time of peace, tranquility and honor for all.

Please visualize everything and everyone on earth as being healthy, vibrant, thriving and filled with love … as I was clearly told, “All life on earth depends on this work!

Please spend just a few minutes each day with the positive intent of seeing our Mother Earth and all life upon her thriving, healthy and strong. This will help change the vibrational patterns that are currently holding us down.”

Teri Van Horn



“As it appears in …. “


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~~Let There Be Peace On Earth~~

~Published on Oct 26, 2012~

Music for a peaceful mind.
“Let There Be Peace On Earth” – Sang by Vince Gill
Written by Jill Jackson Miller (1913-1995) American singer, actress

Jill Jackson’s early life was filled with tragedy and self-doubt. Although she had moderate success as a film star, she tried to kill herself after her marriage fell apart. Her unsuccessful suicide attempt led to a deep spiritual awakening, and after marrying songwriter Sy Miller they co-wrote the 1955 classic song of hope, “Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me“. She called this song, “life-saving joy of God’s peace and unconditional love.”

(Source: Wikipedia)


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Religions …. different yet all the same!!


~~July 24, 2014~~ 

religion is an organized collection of beliefscultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.

Many religions may have organized behaviors, clergy, a definition of what constitutes adherence or membership, holy places, and scriptures. The practice of a religion may also include rituals, sermons, commemoration or veneration of a deity, gods or goddesses, sacrifices, festivals, feasts, trance, initiations, funerary services, matrimonial services, meditation, prayer, music, art, dance, public service or other aspects of human culture. Religions may also contain mythology.

The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith, belief system or sometimes set of duties; however, in the words of Émile Durkheim, religion differs from private belief in that it is “something eminently social”.

Many religions may have organized behaviorsclergy, a definition of what constitutes adherence or membership, holy places, and scriptures. The practice of a religion may also include ritualssermons, commemoration or veneration of a deitygods or goddessessacrificesfestivalsfeaststranceinitiationsfunerary services.



Those we follow today, in all the different religions have one main “representative”: Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad.

They were all teachers who taught love.


What has happened to that teaching? 

In my humble opinion, it has been distorted and has become a weapon. A weapon of fear, control, stature in society. The main values have been lost.

Where is the love? Where is “do unto others”?

We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


~~What is religion?~~

~~Uploaded on Nov 1, 2011~~

Defining religion and also explaining why Christianity is a religion.


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~~Losing My Religion~~

(Piano instrumental cover)

Steinar Vindeval

~~Published on Jul 18, 2013~~


To start the day …. Grow flowers!!

~~April 17, 2014~~

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“A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.”

~~James AllenAs a Man Thinketh~~

When you have a positive, healthy attitude toward life, your mind reaps the rewards. But you can’t ignore or deny negative feelings by pretending to be happy either. Ed and Deb Shapiro say you do it by becoming a good gardener, methodically and carefully removing the weeds of discontent while cultivating the beautiful flowers. Find out how to remove negativity from your life in order to see positivity bloom.

Qualities such as kindness, compassion and forgiveness are the seeds you want to plant to cultivate a beautiful mind. But the self-centered ego’s need for grasping, gaining and selfishness easily buries them. You are capable of losing your cool, getting caught up in hot emotions and causing harm.

When you focus only on your own concerns and problems, you become too self-engrossed to really acknowledge anyone else’s issues. These are the weeds you need to pull up, as are moments of closed-heartedness or anger, self-doubt and insecurity. You can bring mercy and tenderness to those places, to the wounded parts, so the fight within you can come to an end. And when you step beyond yourself, then the ability to cultivate kind and caring qualities becomes possible. 

Meditation is hugely important in this. In fact, kindness and compassion are such clear outcomes of meditation that there is now an overwhelming amount of research showing how meditation stimulates the circuits in the brain associated with contentment, happiness and the feel-good factor. Dr. Davidson has scientifically studied Buddhist monks while they were meditating. When asked to focus on compassion, their brains reflected a remarkable generation of clarity and intensified kindness. The center is probably the only place in the world where there is a meditation room next to the lab!

“By training the mind, we can actually change the brain toward greater contentment,” Dr. Davidson says in the book. “There is certainly evidence to show that meditation practices designed to cultivate compassion and loving kindness change the brain in many positive ways.”

Practicing meditation regularly can produce discernible changes in the brain in a matter of just eight weeks. This indicates that you can quite purposefully and systematically develop qualities such as kindness and compassion. “Be Good and Do Good” is a great mantra for this! 


~Blooming Flowers Time lapse~

~Uploaded on Oct 23, 2008~

Various flowers blooming in full HD quality.
Visual narcotics and audio hypnotism from the BBC archives.

We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 

We ALL are ONE!!