IOTD …. Image of the day, #563 …. “Priscilla and Bubba …. happier time …. “!!


~~September 4, 2016~~ 


This picture is about two years old.

These baby marmosets were born and I finally met them in person.

They are Priscilla and Bubba.

About two months ago, Priscilla had a sudden incident at home and died in the arms of her “mommy“.

Since then, my dearest friend Mel, has been taking extremely good care of Bubba.

Sad to say that life frequently has different plans than those which humans have.

Today, Bubba is in intensive care after a week of touch and go treatment at home.

It seems that the may have contracted the human herpes virus and this has lead to live failure.

We are all hoping for the best but the odds are limited and the stakes are high.

Here’s hoping.




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At the end of the day …. finally met Priscilla and Bubba Jean!!


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We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. To start the day: What a party!!

~~July 6, 2014~~ 

Our very dear friend Melanie graciously offered her beautiful home in “BFE” to celebrate some of those ladies who have a birthday in July. 

~~In her own words~~

“Our party has arrived, Cancer gals, yank up your pantaloons, bring your best red, white and do they do blue wine? It’s time to celebrate being in this amazing country with us amazing girls. Bring ya bathing suits who knows where we end up! Happy birthday to us Cancers ….. See you here soon. Gonna be fun. 2pm to what time is it in Margaritaville? Bring a dish to eat and BYOB of choice.”





This greeted us upon arrival. This was the surprise that Ms. Mel had arranged for us middle aged ladies with the heart of kids.

She has it all set up, decorations, food, drink, music, entertainment and great company. Mel, you outdid yourself. The “ball” went way over the fence.

Home run for sure, way out of the park. 


Yummy, yummy, yummy …. 


The gang started arriving. We were all so finely surprised by all the details. Everywhere you looked there was something else. 

It was a celebration to remember. 




Oops!! The landing can be a bit rough!!

In spite of the celebration of “years”, those didn’t count. The child at heart definitely made many appearances. 


Hoops for everyone!


Gathering inside, waiting on a storm, didn’t dampen the spirit. It all went on. 


Snow cones, anyone?


Did I say there was cake?


Good looking ladies indeed!! 

Hot mammas!! 


Volleyball game and brake time. 


Fun, fun, fun …. 



Evelyn, Horty, Sue, Melanie, Marta, Alma


Thank you, Melanie.

You did beyond good. Awesome hostess! 


~~Cyndi Lauper – Just want to have fun – Instrumental~~

~~Published on Nov 24, 2012~~


…. as the night ends, here’s Mel, Molly and Lucy! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


The LGBT Rescue Fund ended on a great note …. Melanie Nathan!


~~March 19, 2014~~

THANK YOU TO ALL – The LGBT Rescue Fund ended on a great note in the early hours of this morning. We raised $14,025 in a 3 week period. Thank you to all my friends and supporters who participated in this critical and urgent call by African LGBT people who ran into hiding after Museveni signed the Jail the Gays Bill.

We funded people and still continue to fund more, from Uganda, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gambia and Kenya.

We have provided shelter, food , transport and money for passports.


Despite letters from me, no organization or LGBT business from the USA came forward to help or do this. I hope that will change and that more people will rally to this critical need. Its not too late and its ongoing.

To quote a much respected activist from the faith community “Melanie, your fund is the only game in town.” That should not be the case. This is way too critical.

Many people rallied to make this happen. But we need more and we need more from those who can afford to help and from those who consider reorganizing their priorities. We need to prioritize – my humble opinion – we are a global community and life saving matters should come first. As a global community I would like to see more resources going to saving lives above the fight for photos in yearbooks and the likes – or at least some kind of balance in how we use our LGBT donated dollars.


We had over 5,000 Facebook shares with 150 donors. One Donor provided $3,333. With your help we have made a difference in over 20 people’s lives – for most it was a matter of life or death.

And now I am reconciling the further need and will report back soon. Right now I have another 17 on my list in urgent need of help.

Though the Indiegogo campaign has ended, the need remains critical and I am continuing to raise funds via paypal until I launch another campaign on Indiegogo – remember Indiegogo took $1,262.25 of the funds for their fees.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.37.44 PM

I am hoping people will continue to contribute so we can help more. I hope to release more specific stats in due course.

To continue to donate please go to




We ALL are ONE!!