Thoughts for today, #338 .… “I’m a Sinner Too …. “!!


~~February 17, 2016~~ 


Bet you had another thought as you started reading the quote!

I love this quote because it brings together two very controversial topics ….

the Bible and being left-handed.

In my world, this applies to being gay.

Being left handed and being gay are things that come with the individual.


Eventually, we hope, that society learns to accept that too.



Nicholas Ferroni is a revered high school teacher who mentors his students with deep personal commitment and care. Nick, 35, lives in New Jersey, where he teaches History in the same high school that he attended. Nick is currently pursuing his Masters in History and Education.

Recently, he was named “Sexiest Teacher” as one of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive,” joining Chris Hemsworth, Michael Strahan, Bradley Cooper, Blake Shelton and Chris Pratt, among others.

His just released and already controversial PSA, “Preach What You Practice”, addresses today’s top professional athletes and reminds them of their obligation as a role model to help improve the nutritional health of America’s youth.




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We ALL are ONE!!


To start the day …. I won’t let you go!!


~~August 18, 2014~~ 

We lose people in our lives so many times. The circumstances to each are different but it still hurts the same. 

They can be family members, friends (real life and cyberland), lovers, companions, co-workers, associates, neighbors, educators, mentors, people we admire and people we look up to. 

The circumstances to these loses are all different. As different as the components of the “relationship” may be. We may lose those close to us due to arguments, disagreements, misunderstanding, physical distances, different geographical locations, health issues and  something as final as death.

There are times when we feel all alone in this huge universe. There are times when all we need is a helping hand and a sympathetic ear. 

To my true friends out there, please know, I’m here …. and I won’t let you go!! 


I watched a movie this weekend: Divergent and heard this song for the first time. I found a deep meaning in the lyrics. The song applies deeply to the movie line but I think that it applies to the many situations that we encounter in life.


Snow Patrol are a British alternative rock band formed at the University of Dundee in Dundee, Scotland in 1994. The group comprises four Northern Irish members; Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Nathan Connolly(guitar, backing vocals), Jonny Quinn (drums), Johnny McDaid (piano, guitar, backing vocals), and Scottish member Paul Wilson (bass guitar, backing vocals).

Initially an indie rock band, their first three records, the EP Starfighter Pilot (1997), and the studio albums Songs for Polarbears (1998) and When It’s All Over We Still Have to Clear Up (2001), were commercially unsuccessful and were released by the independent labels Electric Honey and Jeepster. The band signed on to the major record label Polydor Records in 2002.


Snow Patrol rose to national fame with their major label debut, Final Straw, in 2003. The album was certified 5× platinum in the UK and eventually sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Their next studio album, Eyes Open (2006), and its hit single, “Chasing Cars“, propelled the band to greater international fame. The album topped the UK Album Charts and was the best-selling British album of the year, selling over 6 million copies worldwide. In 2008, the band released their fifth studio album, A Hundred Million Suns; then, in 2009, they released their first compilation album, Up to Now; and, in 2011, released their sixth studio album, Fallen Empires.

During the course of their career, Snow Patrol have won seven Meteor Ireland Music Awards and have been nominated for six Brit Awards. Since the release of Final Straw, the band has sold over 12 million albums worldwide.


~~I won’t let you go Lyrics~~

~~Published on Feb 28, 2014~~


We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are connected through MUSIC!! 


We ALL are ONE!!