At the end of the day .… “Mickael David: Tides of Soul”!!


~~September 24, 2015~~


The dunes of sand  are glowing as this night of April calls
And tides of souls wash in and out to ease the tears that fall
In happiness there are such times when solemn sobs are heard
When all the anguished times of yore seem trivial and absurd
The lonely gull cries out for love its mate responds in kind
While waves of time wash in and out of memories in the mind
The thoughts that stayed and vigils kept until you came around
To fetch the basket lined with hopes … a penny for a pound
I kept it here within my heart and closed the door to others
That came to feed, were turned away… not looking for another.
My tears of joy are faded … and yet the hopes are here
That one by one the sobs of love will expose this pair
Of friends that time has granted … another chance to mend
The hearts that gently went their ways with spirits left to fend
Time is a judge of souls, it seems … and plays the hand that wins
Often to the other love … of the heart that’s on the mend
My guess is just the poser of the answer … I haven’t any
But tears of joy begin to mix with sobs of pains … a plenty
Confusion seems to justify the thoughts that do prevail
Over where you’ve been and why you left, forget it … what the hell!
For sitting here upon the dunes with moon glow overhead
Somehow these tears are here for joy instead of sobs of dread
Forget the past and forge ahead to greet another day
The dunes will stay … the tides will change … and gulls will fly away
And time will seek another pair to smooth the edges over
Their lives will take another turn and hearts will run for cover.

© 1999 Susan K. Rowse



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~Tides of Soul~

Mickael David

~Published on Jul 16, 2015~
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©2015 Mickael David


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. “Daydream: You and Me”!!


~~June 12, 2015~~ 

It’s soft and soothing

Evoking Beauty Peace Serenity Calm Inspiration Awe Hope




Her eyes are filled with wonder
hearts a floating fire
her mind has cracked with thunder
thoughts are running wild
caught up in a daydream
she hates the way the days seem
to come and go
with no control
of how or who or what to do
or where to go or who to be
mad as hell, society
lay back down,

Apr 1, 2014



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~~Daydream – You and Me~~

Mickael David

~~Published on Jun 3, 2015~~

Interprète : Daydream

Album : Dreaming – Piano Solo Collection


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day … “Road To Enlightenment”!!

~~January 2, 2015~~ 


True nature is pure and deep like clear, still water.

If beaten with hatred or love, waves of anxiety arise.

Arising without cease, self-nature becomes confused.

Anxiety and ignorance ever increase unconsciously.

Self grasping another is like mud entering water.

Self moved by another is like throwing fat on the fire.

While chaos is taken to be real, self is born.

If self is not born, anxiety, burning for eons, turns to ice.

Thus perfected ones first empty the polluted self.

When the polluted self is emptied, how can the outer realm be blocked.

Resilience is the function of the self forgotten.

As soon as quirk appears, you recognize them immediately.

The point of recognition is enlightenment.

The instant one thought returns to brightness.

All traces are swept away.  That moment is refreshing.

Refreshing and relaxing;

Incomparable and independent;

Tranquil and harmonious;

Nothing can match it.



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On Clear Mind” describes the method of practice from the state of self to the state of non-self.

Han Shan wrote this poem for a beginning student asking for guidance. Han Shan compared the mind to the muddy water – in order to calm our mind we have to keep it perfectly still so that the mud will settle to the bottom, leaving the water clear. If there is a self, the turbulence in the outer realm will cause your mind to move. The mind emptied of self will naturally be calm and peaceful, remained unaffected by any obstruction. You will feel free and independent, and as far as you are concerned, nothing can transcend it.


~~Road To Enlightenment~~

Mickael David

~~Published on Jan 2, 2015~~……

©Mickael David


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We ALL are ONE!!


At the end of the day …. “Suspended Times”!!

~~December 11, 2014~~ 

Majestic views, transporting me in time to many different places. The wonder and power of Nature so evident. Crescendo as we witness the beauty, the majesty and the connection with the Divine. 

Each view is a “suspended time” …. from a distance!


Time will come, time will go
Time shall reap, that time has sown

Time comes slowly, time goes fast
Time will linger, time outlasts

Time sees all, time knows best
Time remembers, time never forgets

Time will hide, time will reveal
Time will open, time will seal

Time brings hope, time brings fear
Time brings distance, time draws near

Time will help, time will hinder
Time will shine, time turns to cinder

We forget about time, yet it’s all we would know
In time, there is everything, and time will show

~~Nate Hawk~~



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~~Suspended Times~~

Mickael David

~~Published on Dec 7, 2014~~

©Mickael David


We ALL are ONE!!


Learn to be alone …. and like it!!


~~October 9, 2014~~ 

Five tips for learning to enjoy spending more time with yourself:

Have a home environment where you really want to be.

Have a retreat at your own home. 

Find out what you really love to do or have always wanted to try.

Tap into your creative power.

Make every moment special.





~~A Day With You~~

Mickael David

~~Published on Aug 1, 2013~~

Artist: Omar Akram
Title: A Day With You
Album: Free As A Bird


We ALL are ONE!!