At the end of the day …. “Taína …. mi Orgullo …. “!!


~~September 9, 2016~~


My ancestry, my lineage.

My roots, my home.

Forever my pride, forever my joy.

Good night!


redlinebThe Taíno (means “peace” in their language, a mix of Arawak Native) natives of the Great Antilles, were the people who greeted Columbus, and with that, have changed the source of history.

On Nov.23,1493, on Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to the “new world,” he landed somewhere in Puerto Rico on what is known now as the city of Aguadilla. He saw these middle height, bronze skinned people, totally naked, but decorated with paint and feathers, people.

The first word that came from these mysterious people mouths were, “taíno.”

This word meant peace, and that is what Columbus called them for then on, and was surprised at how peaceful and organized they were, and said that their language was the so sweet and the best he have ever heard. Actually, the taino people did not call themselves taino, but Boricua and the island Columbus landed on, Borinquen.

Boricua means ‘people of valiant and noble lord’ and Borinquen means ‘home of the valiant and noble lord’.

The Taino were not only in Puerto Rico. They were in the Great Antilles (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hispanola (Dominican Republic and Haiti]) and in the Bahamas.

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We ALL are ONE!!

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