I have a new toy …. an AT&T Mobile Hotspot!!


~~July 28, 2014~~ 

I got a new toy last weekend. I didn’t go out to get it, of course. MJ when to pay the AT&T bill at their store because I didn’t look through the mail and didn’t keep her update on the pending bills. 

Turns out that this worked out better because she came home with this new toy.


“The touchscreen revolution has officially spilled over to portable hotspots. We gave ‘Novatel Wireless’ AT&T MiFi Liberate an Editors’ Choice award for its charming mix of endurance, features, and finger-friendly usability just over a month ago, and now, AT&T has announced yet another touchscreen hotspot is coming to its network: Sierra Wireless’ AT&T Unite.

Like the MiFi Liberate, the new AT&T Unite packs 4G LTE support and the ability to provide a Wi-Fi connection for up to ten devices simultaneously. The 2.4-inch touchscreen display lets you monitor usage and manage connections with the swipe of a finger, including the ability to create a “Guest” hotspot.

The pearly white design may appeal to people put off by the MiFi Liberate’s graphite chassis, but the AT&T Unite is going to need to bring a lot to the table to unseat the current king from its throne. The Liberate mixes a whopping 8 hour charge with handy-dandy features such as DLNA streaming from a micro-SD card, GPS mapping, and email support.”





I must confess, I haven’t read the instructions (I rarely do – guess I will have to for this one). However, the device was set up by the store associate.

As I have been told, this works really cool. You have your own “hotspot” to take with you. In this model, you can wirelessly connected 8-10 devices. In my mind, this means that you use the “Wi-Fi” function of your cell, iPad, laptop to the little device and you will be connected to the internet. 

I’ve tried it at home. The main thing is, you keep it in your purse, connect the device’s “wifi” switch and “voila” … your are connected!

Don’t be fooled by her generosity, she’s not that “techie”. The main reason for getting this “toy” is because I’m so connected that the AT&T bill was steadily climbing because I used up all the “gigs” that our plan allowed.

There’s always a reason and a silver lining. 

Anyway, she does love me!! 


I got something similar … in the process of trying to figure it out. It was set up at the store, so really, I guess I only need to “plug and play” …. the best way!!


~~AT&T Unite Pro Mobile Hotspot Features and Specs~~
AT&T Mobile Minute

~~Published on Nov 19, 2013~~

In this Mobile Minute, we take a look at the features and specifications of the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR.

This mobile hotspot uses AT&T’s 4G LTE network to connect up to 15 devices to high speed internet.


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