“IOTD” …. Image of the day!!


~~September 2, 2014~~ 

Here’s my “image of the day”

“The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, yin and yang.”

~Morihei Ueshiba~


I learned about this idea today from a dear blogger friend: mchelsmusings.

You can find her here: http://mchelsmusings.wordpress.com/

~~Her post on “IOTD”~~



Here is her explanation:

IOTD is image of the day, it’s a concept I came up with. I teach visual meditative therapy – or in easy terms – a mini mental holiday. For some people it is very difficult for them to get their image right. I post an image a day for people to use in their mini mental vacay. Like I said some are serious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful! So far a lot of people l have enjoyed this when I’ve done it on http://www.Happier.com

I love that website!! All positive all the time! Beats the drama on FB/Twitter.
I’m happy that you like it! I’d rather look/think of a beautiful or silly image, then some of the images were inundated with on a daily basis. It’s my own lil form of positive rebellion.
It’s awesome sharing the beauty!!!”


We ALL are ONE!!