To start the day …. “Let The UFO Go Home”!!


~~April 8, 2015~~ 

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who have only one purpose: to serve history’s most despicable masters.


A Pet

A pet is a cuddly little thing,
Joy and laughter it will bring.
If your pet has way too much fur,
Expect it to bark or maybe just purr.

A pet could become a very close friend,
Treat it nice, lots of love it shall send.
It has the potential to cheer you up,
Right from the start, just like a pup.

Pets are wonderful, they’re all unique,
They understand you, make sure you speak.
Don’t forget to love them dearly,
They’ll love you back, lots and sincerely.



A Minion sees others who have pets of their own and he would like to have one. He tries several options and none work out until one day a strange objects actually lands at his feet. This spherical object responds to him … and becomes his pet.

The Minion notices that his pet has special powers. They both enjoy each other’s company and like hanging out.

One day the Pet shows the Minion where his home is. The Pet becomes nostalgic and sad. It seems he would like to go back home. 

The Minion helps him and others like the Pet come to pick him up.

Joy is everywhere for all.

That’s what friends are for!




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~~UFO Pet~~

Sweet Minions Video

Funny Minions Clip

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~~Published on Apr 5, 2015~~

UFO Pet – Sweet Minions Video Funny Minions Clip HD
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We ALL are ONE!!