Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck …. “Trumpcare …. Jason Chaffetz …. and the iPhone …. Dude? …. “!!


~~March 13, 2017~~ 

American Health Care Act

~Repeal and Replace~

How many times have we heard this?

First of all, please excuse the language.

There are times when one has to get graphic to get the point across some thick heads.

I think this is one such topic.

Trae Crowder does an awesome job in bringing this reality to the level of many who don’t get it.

Let him explain it better!



Liberal Redneck Comes for ‘Anus Polisher’ Jason Chaffetz and Drumpfcare

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder contemplated not talking about Drumpfcare because it’s so “profoundly terrible that even most Republicans hate it.”

Says Crowder

“This thing is the shi**y Independence Day sequel of health care laws.”

Crowder also comes for “senior Drumpf administration anus polisher Jason Chaffetz” and his remarks about choosing between health care and an iPhone.

“That sh*t is like telling somebody that if they can’t afford their work truck payment this month then maybe they shouldn’t have bought those blue jeans back in October … the cost of an iPhone won’t get you two aspirins and a slap on the ass in an American hospital … Will somebody explain to this dude that a smartphone hasn’t been a luxury item in this country in ten damn years … you can’t hardly live without a smartphone in modern America. It’s a shitty choice to have to make, and that’s the thing. These people don’t know anything about making hard choices.”


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LAB Pro Lib

Promise Kept.

Good deal for the rich; bad deal for the poor and elderly.

People will be dying.


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Liberal Redneck

~~Published on Mar 13, 2017~~

The GOP’s replacement for Obamacare is hilariously terrible, but that’s mostly because of the new iPhone. Or some shit.


We ALL are ONE!!