Republican (GOP) Debate …. “September 16, 2015 … Primetime”!!


~~September 17, 2015~~ 




The 2016 Republican presidential debates occurred among candidates for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination for the national election of 2016.

Over three hours on the debate stage Wednesday night, September 16, the 11 presidential candidates in Wednesday night’s primetime Republican debate bickered with one another and talked over each other.

The real standout moments came when the candidates attempted to rise above the fray. In most cases, that meant attempting to show an even temperament in a tiff with front runner Donald Trump.


And … if you didn’t know …

The second debate took place at (and was co-sponsored by) the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which previously hosted two of the Republican debates in 2008 – the first and penultimate ones. This 2015 debate was aired on CNN, and simulcast (simultaneously broadcast) on the Salem Radio Network. Similar to the Fox News-sponsored debate in Cleveland, but with slightly different ranking-criteria, the debate was split into primetime and pre-primetime groups based on averaged polling numbers. Former governor Jim Gilmore did not qualify for the debate.

The primetime debate was originally planned to include the candidates ranking in the top ten, as measured by nationwide polling performed by specific firms, averaged across polls that are released between July 16 and September 10; the rules were later changed to allow candidates placing in the top ten in polls from August 7 through September 10 to qualify as well.

This change was made due to an unexpected scarcity of polls taken after the August 6 debate, which would otherwise have been particularly disadvantageous to Carly Fiorina, who had significantly increased her support in polls taken after that debate but who would otherwise have been kept out of the primetime debate due to her minimal support in the large number of polls taken before the August 6 debate.

Eleven candidates were at the prime time debate.

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We all know this.

I watched the whole “program’ …. the main reason for this post is to include the graphic above.

I have no adequate words to describe what happened there. I will let the professional do their job and do that for you.

I can see Secretary Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders cracking up and laughing in stitches.



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We ALL are ONE!!