IOTD …. Special Edition …. “Grabbing a p*ssy …. at one of his rallies …. “!!


~~November 6, 2016~~ 



I apologize if anyone is offended.

I’ll be very childish.

‘He started it’.

Republican against Trump gets tackled, beaten, kicked, and strangled by Trumpsters for holding a sign, and Trump tries to spin it as an assassination attempt on him?

It wasn’t an assassination attempt, as the Trump camp is trying to portray it.

Neither is the suspect a plant from the Hillary campaign.

Austyn Crites is a member of an anti-Trump Republican group reportedly.

He was making a statement that he’s not supporting Mr. Trump.

His sign read “Republicans against Trump”.



Saturday, November 05, 2016 07:05 PM
RENO, Nevada

Donald Trump was rushed off stage by the Secret Service during a rally in Nevada but returned within minutes

The Republican nominee had been speaking to supporters in Reno for a while when a disturbance broke out in the crowd close to the podium.
Two Secret Service agents quickly surrounded Trump, then hustled him off stage.


Trump Reno rally suspect identified!

The man who was taken into custody for causing an altercation at a recent Donald Trump rally in Reno, Nevada has been identified as Austyn Crites.

Crites is a member of an anti-Trump Republican group reportedly. reports:

Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump offstage on Saturday evening during a rally in Reno, Nevada, believing a protester in the audience posed a threat to the Republican presidential candidate.

‘Go! Go!’ agents shouted as they dragged him away while a combination of local police and private security wrestled a man at the front of the crowd to the ground. A spectator is believed to have shouted ‘gun’ in the middle of The Donald’s speech, causing a panic near the stage. A sea of bodies scattered, screams rang out and authorities dragged the man away as he kicked and restrained.

After the confusion the man, who has been identified as Austyn Crites, was questioned and released, after agents found he wasn’t carrying a gun.

His social media accounts suggested he was part of a group called ‘Nevada Republicans Proudly Voting for Secretary Clinton‘.

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At the end of the day …. “All By Myself …. Céline Dion”!!


~~March 18, 2016~~ 


I saw this video a few days ago.

To see such emotion!

Almost unable to bear,

My heart still hurts.

I can barely begin to imagine how she feels.

May your have the strength to go on, Céline.

He will always be with you.

In your heart, in your memories and in your sons.



Céline Dion breaks down crying while singing ‘All By Myself’

Since her return to Vegas, Céline Dion has paid tribute to her late husband René Angélil onstage with their children and her golden cast of his hand.

Additional footage surfaced of Dion’s return performance and shows the “My Heart Will Go On” singer crying mid-concert after performing “All By Myself” for the first time since Angelil’s passing.

It appears that the lyrics from her hit single cued her emotions that evening. The heartfelt message of the song still resonates with the singer two decades after its 1996 release.


“Don’t want to be … all by myself,” Dion belts out before covering her eyes with her hands.

While Dion was getting choked up after reciting those fateful words, audience members cheered her on as the music continued to play. The songstress took her time finishing the song.

During her first appearance since her husband’s passing, Dion was overcome with emotion more than once.

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Celine Dion breaks down crying while singing ‘All By Myself’


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~~All By Myself~~

Ed  Strickler 

~~Published on Feb 24, 2016~~

Céline Dion …. Feb. 23, 2016


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To start the day …. “A New Kind of Prom Date”!!


~~May 8, 2015~~ 

This gives me hope.

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s hope in the young generation.

Maybe there won’t be any issue with them and being gay will be as accepted as being left-handed.

Dare I hope? I wish I was there to witness it.



Grab a tissue and watch this tearjerker video of Ellen hosting the two male high school students – one gay, one straight – who are going to their prom together because they’re best friends.

Anthony Martinez didn’t have a date for the prom. What his straight friend Jacob Lescenski did about that surprised everyone.

Ellen knew she had to hear their incredible story.


“You’re hella gay, I’m hella str8, but you’re like my brother so be my d8!,” Jacob wrote on a sign happily held by friends.

Those friends and many more rented a bus to join Anthony and Jacob on Wednesday on “The Ellen Show,” where Ellen DeGeneres interviewed the best friends and commended them for being great role models.

She also handed each of them a $10,000 check for their education, to help reinforce and show the world that gay or straight, nothing beats friendship.

Grab a tissue and watch this awesome video!


Ellen DeGeneres had a generous surprise in store this week for the gay-straight “couple” whose colorful proposal went viral last week in the blogosphere.

DeGeneres rewarded Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez, who are juniors at the Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a check for $10,000 each for the headline-making gesture.

“I just wanted to say I know that there are some schools out there that don’t support this and wouldn’t allow this to happen and it’s really a shame because prom is very important to a lot of people,”

she gushed in the interview, video of which can be found.



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Lescenski, who is straight, revealed that he was initially apprehensive after he learned that the openly gay Martinez had a crush on him.

Still, the two struck up a seemingly unlikely friendship.

“At first I was kinda scared,” he said in the interview. “I didn’t support gay rights then, but I also wasn’t against them … [but] Anthony, actually, was the reason that I began to support gay rights. He’s such a convincing person, he can convince anyone of anything. He’s such a great speaker.”

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~~A New Kind of Prom Date~~

~~Published on Apr 30, 2015~~

Anthony Martinez didn’t have a date for the prom. What his straight friend Jacob Lescenski did about that surprised everyone. Ellen knew she had to hear their incredible story.


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At the end of the day …. “Remembering Roger Ridley …. “!!


~~September 17, 2014~~


“As it appears on Roger’s Facebook page …. “

“Hello, my name is Roger Ridley and I was in the “JOY” business. I was born in Lumpkin, Georgia, a small town near Atlanta. My career started in elementary school when I sang in a school program to get out of English class. I moved to New York City in 1964 and launched my professional career with Maley & The Isles as the lead singer, the first of many times as a singer.

At the age of 26 I married and became a father of three, two girls and one boy. They too are musically talented and sing with much feeling and authority. While I was playing in many clubs around New York City and throughout the tri-state area, the Ridley genius also ran deeply in the house.


I come from a musical family, “all my life I have been surrounded by music: my mother, my sisters and brothers are all singers and my father played the guitar, a little.

My goals were to share my music and songs with the world. “I pray these goals have been accomplished.” I thank God and appreciate the fact that I have the ability to draw crowds wherever I perform whether it be on the city streets, in the subways, concerts, street fairs or the night clubs.

On March 29, 1997 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I performed in a show about street musicians called “Madhattan” produced by Kenneth Feld. After one years of the show running it closed and a close friend of mine introduced me to the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica California and all of a sudden I was back to performing in front of millions of people, a diversified audience with one thing in common, good music.

On November 16, 2005 my Lord and Savior called me home and I had to go. I have made my mark and am very satisfied in knowing that my family is keeping my music alive.


Roger Ridley and his music embody everything that music is: soul, perseverance, and talent. He has often been called “the voice of God” by the other street musicians on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. His dedication to his audience is clear, traveling from his home in Las Vegas, Nevada to his spot in Santa Monica every Saturday and giving his best performance before returning home that night.

It was Roger’s performance of Stand By Me that sent Playing for Change off on its mission to connect the world through music by adding other musicians to his recording.




~~Tears On My Pillow/You Send me~~

~Playing For Change~

~~Published on Sep 12, 2014~~

Directly from the YouTube video description … Playing for Change YouTube channel

“Sending you love from your worldwide PFC Family. Today we are proud beyond words to bring back our hero, the voice that started our first ever Song Around The World, “Stand By Me“, many years ago on the streets in Santa Monica, CA. Roger Ridley inspired us from the very beginning, and his music continues to inspire as we share this with you 9 years and 95 Episodes later.

When I first met Roger, I had no idea we would collaborate on something that would reach so many people and help them feel more connected as a human race. Today we are growing the PFC family all over the world and thanks to Roger, all of you, and music everywhere, we can see that if we stand by each other everything is going to be alright. Turn up this classic medley of “Tears on My Pillow” and “You Send Me“, the final PFC video featuring Roger Ridley, and for a moment find peace in your heart and in your world. Music is the Key.

RIP Roger, we LOVE you and your music shines as bright as the sun.”

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson … Playing for Change co-founder


~~Stand By Me~~

~Song Around the World~

~~Uploaded on Nov 6, 2008~~

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. Join the movement here:….

From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music“, comes “Stand By Me“, the first of many Songs Around The World produced by Playing For Change. This Ben E. King classic features musicians around the world recorded by the Playing For Change team during their travels. This song continues to remind us that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.

Grandpa Elliot & Rodger Ridley

Grandpa Elliot & Rodger Ridley



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