IOTD …. Image of the day, #636 …. “Princess Charlotte of Cambridge …. LOVE …. “!!


~~March 15, 2017~~ 


“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”

~Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker~


Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – born 2 May 2015) is the younger child and only daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is fourth in line to succeed her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after her paternal grandfather, father, and elder brother.




HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge News


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Joel Grey …. It’s never too late!!


~~January 29, 2015~~ 

Eighty-two-year-old Broadway legend Joel Grey has come out about his sexuality. “I don’t like labels,” Grey told People, “but if you have to put a label on it, I’m a gay man.”

Grey’s family and friends have long been aware of Grey’s sexuality, including his ex-wife Jo Wilder, to whom he was married for 24 years, a time he calls “the happiest of my life.” The pair have two children together, son James, a chef, and actress Jennifer Grey.

“I feel very happy for my dad that he has come to a point in his life where he feels safe and comfortable enough to declare himself in a public way as a gay man,” Jennifer told People.

“As it appears in …. “


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Scott Wright Photography …. on turning 50 in 2011!!


~~August 24, 2014~~

Turning 50 …. in 2011!

“I wanted to share today a special video to commemorate the 3 year anniversary of my facebook page.

I awoke early one morning a few weeks ago to Rae saying something about how she had to get up and write something down.
By the time I got up several hours later at about 7 AM, she was just finishing. This video is the text of what she wrote that night. She handed it to me to read, and I was flabbergasted. Who is that she’s talking about? Those sound like pretty big shoes to fill, I don’t know if I can do that.


The Universe works in strange ways sometimes, in ways incomprehensible to us as they are happening, but when looking back, the path goes from one way, to another, to another, then all of the sudden you realize, the path has led you to where you were meant to be your entire life.

It’s quite a moment to suddenly realize that all the things you have been doing for so many years, good, bad or indifferent, have painted a tapestry of choices defining this moment.
That moment is now. I have a message for others that I hope will help them in their lives. It is the story of my Journey, and the story of Rae’s Journey, coming together in a perfect confluence to help us find how we can best serve and love others.

I hope you enjoy this video as we continue to walk the path together! From my heart to yours!

Alone We are Miracles, Together We are Miraculous!”

Scott & Rae

*Link to special video commemorating 3 years anniversary of Scott’s facebook page*




~~Alive In The World – Jackson Browne~~

~~Published on Aug 8, 2012~~

I made this video to chronicle this last year, and the 1 year anniversary of my Facebook page, Scott Wright Photography. Also the beginning of my Addiction Recovery page, Life Illuminated-Addiction Recovery in Today’s World.

It is very autobiographical for me, as I lived in a world of the shadows of Addiction for many years. My connection to Nature through photography, has been a huge part of my recovery, so I made this to share with others who may feel lost. It’s never too late, never give up!

There is a Light which can enlighten your path and enable you to connect to the things you were meant to learn from the beginning of your earthly existence. Remaining in the fog of addiction will make it impossible for you to know what Love truly is. I hope that message comes through in this compilation.

The beautiful lyrics by Jackson Browne is a gift to the world!


We ALL are ONE!!