To start the day …. “Morning after violent night in Chicago …. “!!


~~March 12, 2016~~ 


By now the whole world knows about this violent incident in US soil.

No, it wasn’t terrorism. It was a Trump political rally.

Like many, I was siting in my family room and a “blip” came through my phone:

“Trump’s Rally Cancelled”

From then on the night took a surreal turn.

No surprise there.

It’s finally happening.

The goading, egging rhetoric worked.

I have to say, aside from the violence, I’m glad it happened.

Is this what it takes to stop this sorry excuse of a man?

America, it seems like it is.

I’ve been looking for the links for Rachel Maddow‘s commentaries from her show last night and haven’t found what I would like to include  here.

I will, for now, post links that will take you to her reporting.

It’s a sad day in America when the past is repeated without any hesitance.

No lessons learned!



Trump’s Rally in Chicago Canceled After Violent Scuffles

With thousands of people already packed into stands and music blaring to warm up the crowd, Donald J. Trump’s campaign abruptly canceled his rally here on Friday night over security concerns as protesters clashed with his supporters inside an arena where he was to speak.

Minutes after Mr. Trump was to have taken to a podium on the campus of a large, diverse public university just west of downtown, an announcer suddenly pronounced the event over before it had begun. Hundreds of protesters, who had promised to be a visible presence here and filled several sections of the arena, let out an elated, unstopping cheer. Mr. Trump’s supporters, many of whom had waited hours to see the Republican front-runner, seemed stunned and slowly filed out in anger.

Around the country, protesters have interrupted virtually every Trump rally, but his planned appearance here — in a city run for decades by Democrats and populated by nearly equal thirds of blacks, Latinos and whites — had drawn some particularly incensed responses since it was announced days ago.

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For hours, the Chicago police, along with university officers, the federal authorities and others, were out here in force.

A Chicago police spokesman said that city law enforcement authorities were not consulted and had no role in canceling the event.

The spokesman said there had been five arrests, two by the Chicago police, two by the university’s police and one by the Illinois State Police. The fire department said three people, including a police officer, were injured.

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~~Thousands Shut Down Trump Rally in Chicago~~


~~Published on Mar 11, 2016~~

TRNN speaks to protesters who say they oppose Trump’s racist rhetoric that incites violence like that they witnessed on Friday




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“It Is Impossible” To Call Violence At Trump’s Events “An Accident”


We ALL are ONE!!