At the end of the day …. Dodge: Born 1914!!


~~February 3, 2015~~

Dodge Celebrates 100 Years With Great New Ad Starring Centenarians

Elderly people tend to get short shrift in commercials, much as they do most everywhere in life. Kudos to Dodge and The Richards Group, then, for celebrating the automaker’s 100th birthday by putting the spotlight on humans born around the same time.

Not all of them are centenarians, but many of them are. (The rest mostly seem to be sprightly 90-somethings.) And they’re here to dispense some hard-won wisdom about what they’ve learned in a century on this Earth. And they dispense it with humor, style and not a little defiance.

You learn a lot in 100 years,” says on-screen copy, as a 2015 Challenger screeches out of the frame. “Dodge. Born 1914.”

“As it appears in … “


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~Official 2015 Dodge Super Bowl Commercial~


~Published on Jan 31, 2015~

We are dropping 100 years’ worth of wisdom on our official 2015 Super Bowl commercial, so listen up! 

You call it attitude, we call it character. Sometimes in order to get the most out of life you need to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. So live fast, don’t bitch and most importantly never, ever forget where you came from.


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