From a gay Ugandan …. touches my heart!

Here you have it …. “In his own words”!!
Does it touch your heart in any way?
This is a moving comment by someone who we are trying to help.
This was written in response to anti-gay comments left on OBLOGDEE site
( by Ugandans who tout that being gay is “unafrican” or that people are “paid and recruited to be gay”:


“I am a gay Ugandan. I was not taught to be gay by any white person. Did you know that Kabaka Mwanga was not taught to be gay by any whites but was also gay?

I know at least one thousand other gays who live in different parts of Uganda, all of them are Ugandans, none were taught, none were given money, so can we stop this nonsense of blaming whites and accept that being gay is part of being African whether we like it or not? No one is asking you to like it or to do it, but why harrass and imprison someone who has done nothing to you?

Why have Ugandans become so racist fifty years after Independence?? Is it because our so-called Independence and sovereignty have failed miserably due to corruption, dictatorship, economic mismanagement, tribal selfishness etc. and we need to blame the whites and the gays instead of blaming Ugandans, including you.
I have never molested children. I have never asked you to be gay. I have paid all my taxes and helped many people both gay and not gay, to go to school and start businesses, just like other responsible Ugandans. Now because of so called ‘African culture’ and ”religion”, people in my village abuse me and harass me because I’m gay. The police want to arrest me though I have not committed any crime. Is that African culture? Is that the religion of love? Now I am forced to leave my home, my country and my job. I have nowhere to go.
Does that make you feel good?”
This is one of the people our fund is seeking to help.
We need to collect another $8,000 within a week.

Punishing Gays: ‘Rectums are glued shut and they are force-fed petrol and set alight’


His “crime”? He was gay.


Anyone complained about ‘evil white’ slavery?

Gay men are punished in Uganda by being tied to a tire, dosed in petrol and rolled down the street.



~~Very graphic, uncensored videos included below~~



Another Ugandan Gay Man Killed in Uganda

~~The Anti Homosexuality Law Was Signed~~



~~Published on Dec 23, 2013~~

Ssekasi John aged 29 was a business man who always hosted
male friends at his home in Kasangati. On Sunday as he was
at Kalerwe Market stage, one of the boda boda riders refused to
ride him home simply because he one of the riders on the same
stage had informed him that he (Ssekasi John) was a gay who
at one time wanted to have annual sex with him … Its at that point
that other riders started attacking him and hence ended up using
mob justice onto him.

Its now official that being a gay or lesbian leads you to life imprisonment in Uganda.

We ALL fight the fight!! 


We ALL are ONE!!