To start the day …. “Dear USA”!!

~~October 4, 2014~

All of my life, I have been under the umbrella of the USA. I was born and grew up in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the US since 1952.

I remember that my image of the US was “the greatest country” in the world. 

There was always the phrase “policeman of the world” in many of the conversations. 

As I matured and continued my path in life, my idea of the USA has evolved with time and change .. and not for the better.

I started by realizing what has been done to my country. It seems that only good has come out of “our association” but that isn’t the case.

I also remember the phrase “Ugly American“. I understand it know. 

I believe that the image on the USA has been tarnished all over the world. This has been the case, most likely, due to the “powers that be” yet all Americans are painted in the same way because “they” represent us.

America (to those making the decisions) … I think it’s time for you to mind your own business and take care of issues “at home”.

The rest of the world is sending a message!

Young Americans for Liberty


We ALL are ONE!!