Something to REALLY think about … “It’s not easy”!!


~~April 15, 2015~~ย 


Everyone come gather round,

just be quiet; don’t make a sound.

I have something to say to you all,

the way you take it is your call.

I am what you may choose to call gay,

but call me what you like; it’s OK.

I love another man as kind as can be,

I’m sorry I have held this in secrecy.

I didn’t know how you’d all react,

I didn’t want to have a bad impact.

But now we’re engaged to be married,

so this secret too long has been carried.

I want you all to be there on that day,

with loving smiles and sweet things to say.

But if you don’t like me now for being true,

all I can say is – get lost, screw you.

I am in love with a wonderful guy,

you will not break us so don’t even try.

You may not like what I have said,

it may not play well with your head.

But I don’t really care if you disagree,

it’s your ignorance if you don’t want me happy.

But if you can accept that I am gay,

then I have changed someones mind today.


Author Notes

Nothing wrong with being gay.

This is trying to hold strength to show that if you are gay be proud. You are doing nothing wrong. I am not a gay male, I am a straight female but I know many gay men and they are the best friends ever of mine.

They are not sick or mentally disturbed. They are men that love other men. What else is there to say?

We’re here, we’re queer – GET OVER IT!!!
ยฉ Stefanie McCaig




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We ALL are ONE!!ย