To start the day … I pledge allegiance!!


~~May 29, 2014~~

An allegiance is a duty of fidelity said to be owed by a subject or a citizen to his/her state or sovereign.

~~Oath of allegiance~~

The oath of allegiance is an oath of fidelity to the sovereign taken by all persons holding important public office and as a condition of naturalization.


A promise similar to an oath
A promise to donate funds, as in a pledge drive
Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a promise by politicians to oppose tax increases
The Pledge (New Hampshire)
Pledge of Allegiance

This is my allegiance ….

to the world, to Mother Earth, to all beings who inhabit it.

One world under LOVE …. indivisible, with peace and liberty for ALL. 

My allegiance is my duty of fidelity, it’s a oath that I take freely being sound of mind. It’s a pledge that I commit to, it’s a promise to keep. 

~~Peace All Over The World | Playing For Change~~

~~Uploaded on Jan 15, 2010~~…

We met Robert Bradley while shooting our first film, “Playing for Change: A Cinematic Discovery of Street Music.” Robert is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but we filmed this song in Los Angeles in front of a Playing For Change graffiti wall painted by a local artist. We had just finished a take of Robert singing “Playing For Change Blues,” a song we created while filming across America, and were beginning to interview him. All of a sudden he started speaking the lyrics to this song.

We immediately grabbed another mic for his guitar, plugged it directly into the camera and asked him to perform it for us. Enjoy!

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We ALL are ONE!!