Just a thought …. War, Poverty, Injustice!


~~March 1, 2014~~~

Full Credit/Graphics: https://www.facebook.com/SueFitzmauriceAuthor

At this very moment in time we are experiencing all of the above.





The World is Beautiful (We Gotta Make a Change)

~~Love & Beauty vs War, Corruption & Poverty~~




~~The World is Beautiful~~
Beautiful video footage of nature and animals. Forests, mountains, desert, sunsets, waterfalls. Baby fox, baby bird, fledglings learning to fly, eagles, seals, flamingos, penguins, elephants, lemurs,dolphins …


~~War and Corruption~~
Still photo shots of financial meltdown, bank bailout, banking, corporation and Wall Street corruption. Enron and Tim Lay, The Federal Reserve, Timothy Geitner, Ben Bernake, Raum Emanuel, Chris Dodd (wrote loop hole provision in legislation for executives to declare unlimited bonuses with aid – written right before we bailed them out). Rod Blogojevich. Bernie Madoff. Dick Cheney. Haliburton. Tony Hayward and the BP oil spill disaster.

Horrible photographs of atrocities and realities of Iraq war, Afghanistan war. War in Palestine, genocide in Darfur, refugees, photo of sweatshops, little girl def, dumb and mute from 1996 Pfizer drug trial in Nigeria, waste dumping in third world countries.


~~Love and Unity~~
Photos of love. The love of family, love of friendship, couples in love, our humanity, philanthropy, helping one another, social equality, people of all ethnicities and cultures. Laughter, love, joy, happiness.


~~Making Positive Change~~
Things you can do to make a positive impact and difference. Volunteer ideas and organizations. Get inspired by others. List of humanitarian and social change activists and organizations. Blog. Spreading social and world issue awareness using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Myspace and other social networking and blogging sites to increase awareness and involvement.

Getting involved on a local level. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, TEDxChange, Oxfam America, Amnesty International, Unicef.

Understand your world. List of news organizations, books, and other ideas to help you know your world and stay engaged in it. Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, David McCullough, Basic Economics Thomas Sowell


~~Lyrics to the song~~

earth energy

We ALL are ONE!!