America’s Got Talent 2018 …. “💕🎼 Angel City Chorale’ … Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer 🎼💕 …. “!!’


~~July 25, 2018~~ 


~Angel City Chorale~

Season 2018 of  America’s Got Talent is ongoing.

I finally am caught up with the recorded episodes.

Ever since this choir’s audition, I’ve been meaning to post the video of their performance.

They sang Toto’s ‘AFRICA’ then.

I can’t put it off any longer, they received the ‘Golden Buzzer’.

Hope you enjoy their talent as much as I have.



Big enough to take up an entire stage, the Angel City Chorale will be moving onto its biggest stage yet – broadcast live on “America’s Got Talent.”

Competing against 17 other acts during the Judges’ Cut round, Angel City Chorale took the Golden Buzzer and one of the coveted seven spots in the next round of the competition.

The Los Angeles-based choir was founded in 1993 by Sue Fink. Fink said she wanted to create an environment for everyone to feel welcomed.

“Los Angeles is a maze,” Fink said. “It’s a huge city. I wanted to create a small community of singers that felt like they had a home.”

Diversity isn’t just a strength, but the group’s selling point. The choir is made up of people of all different walks of life coming together to celebrate their joys and comfort each other during their low moments. One of the members lost his son before joining the group.


“We try to represent diversity: different religions, different ages,” Fink said onstage. “We’re white, black, rich, poor, gay, straight. Even Republicans and Democrats can sit next to each other in our group.”

The pressure was on to top their audition performance of Toto’s “Africa.”

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~Angel City Chorale: Amazing Choir Earns Golden Buzzer From Olivia Munn~

America’s Got Talent 2018

~~Published on Jul 24, 2018~~

The diverse choir stunned the audience with “Baba Yetu” and earned guest judge Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer.


~Angel City Chorale: Massive Choir Makes It Rain With ‘Africa’~

America’s Got Talent 2018

~~Published on Jul 10, 2018~~

The Angel City Chorale created an auditory thunderstorm using their own bodies! Check out this incredible performance of Toto’s “Africa.”


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~Angel City Chorale Twitter~


At the end of the day …. “Ellen: Season 14 …. ‘Magic Michelle’ …. “!!


~~September 7, 2016~~ 


I love Ellen!

I’ve been waiting for the new season.

All summer I’ve been watching re-runs.

She didn’t disappoint!




Ellen And Oprah Are Strippers In New All-Female “Magic Mike”

“This fall, Hillary’s not the only one bringing women to the polls.”

By: Cody Gohl


To celebrate the start of the new season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, host Ellen DeGeneres released a teaser trailer for her upcoming film, Magic Michelle.

In addition to welcoming her fans back to the show, the parody also pokes fun at the controversy surrounding the recent all-female reboots of Ghostbusters and Ocean’s Eleven.

The spoof features Ellen as the lead character, Magic Michelle, Olivia Munn as Honeydew, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Channing Tatum’s real wife, as Peppermint and Chrissy Teigan as Linda Peterson.

The real surprise comes at the end, though, when Oprah joins the cast with a sickening split.

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Ellen DeGeneres

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~~’Magic Michelle’~~

~~Published on Sep 2, 2016~~

You’ve seen “Magic Mike.” Now prepare yourself for the all-new female reboot, “Magic Michelle,” starring the sexiest leading ladies!


We ALL are ONE!!