Samantha Bee …. “🇵🇷 The Great American Puerto Rico …. FRONTAL ENTERO 🇵🇷 …. “!!

~~March 31, 2018~~



Samantha Bee has become one of my favorite late night comedians.

The fact that she went to Puerto Rico, my country, in an attempt to put the spotlight back on the current status of Puerto Rico, makes he more dear to my heart.

The 45 minutes special is included below.

It’s very factual, interesting, educational and funny.

It speaks for itself.

Be prepared for an entertaining and true adventure!

Thanks so very much, Sam, for doing this!



Full Frontal aired a one-hour special from Puerto Rico in which Samantha Bee and her correspondents visit the island that was top-of-show news when Hurricane María hit months ago, leaving 1,000+ dead, about 10K homeless, and 3.4M without power.

The Great American Puerto Rico was taped in February 2018; 103K still were without power, Bee reported, calling it “shameful” given that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

“If this happened in Connecticut, it would be front page news every day,” she said, adding,

“How did we f*ck this up so badly?!”

Bee says in the special she grabbed her correspondents and rushed to Puerto Rico “to find out what the hell was going on,” telling her crew “Let’s make America give a damn about Puerto Rico.”

During the special Bee announces she had moved her TBS late-night show’s T-shirt production to Puerto Rico, and challenged others to do same, most especially former The Daily Show colleague/current CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert.


Bee had first announced her Puerto Rico special back in January, during another Full Frontal special in which she sent her staff to race around, apologizing on behalf of the United States for all the things Drumpf had done at that point.



~~Samantha Bee The Great American Puerto Rico~~

~Published on Mar 29, 2018~

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Samantha Bee …. “  America’s 100-Year-History Of Screwing Puerto Rico   …. Nothing New …. “!!


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