At the end of the day …. Harlem Hopscotch!!

~~December 28, 2014~~ 

The official music video for Dr. Maya Angelou’s “Harlem Hopscotch.”

Dr. Angelou’s inspiring song is featured on the newly released album “Caged Bird Songs,” produced by RoccStar and Shawn Rivera of the R&B vocal pop group Az Yet. The song is about encouraging everyone, especially young people to persevere through life despite any obstacles! The game of hopscotch is symbolic of the difficulties of life and the obstacles that some face, whether they be wealthy or poor. The music video was directed by and features choreography from Emmy award-winning duo Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo, a/k/a NappyTabs, best known for their work on the hit television series “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Harlem Hopscotch” was shot on location in Harlem, New York, and several Los Angeles locations, including the studios at YouTube Space LA, Venice Beach and downtown Los Angeles. The video features appearances by actress and singer Nia Peeples (“Fame”, “Pretty Little Liars”), dancer/choreographer Derek Hough, actor Alfonso Ribeiro, actress/singer Zendaya, dancer/choreographer Ian Eastwood, Quest Crew and dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Dr. Maya Angelou, an iconic American writer, poet, actor, dancer, director, composer, lecturer, civil activist and one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time, worked on this album prior to her death on May 28, 2014. “Caged Bird Songs” is a unique musical collaboration produced by RoccStar and Shawn Rivera, that thoughtfully blends the iconic poet’s words and vocal performances with contemporary hip-hop beats.


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Dr. Angelou’s grandson, Colin Johnson, reminisces that music was such a huge part of his grandmother’s life. “She loved everything, from pop to country and, of course, hip-hop. With her dedication to social activism and how she illuminated the struggles and injustices of the urban experience through prose, there’s a direct correlation to hip-hop today. She was really excited about her street-wise commentary being presented in this way.”



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Maya Angelou’s Harlem Hopscotch: Official Music Video

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Published on Dec 23, 2014


We ALL are ONE!! 


#Spirit Day …. going purple against bullying!!

~~October 16, 2014~~

Millions go purple on Spirit Day in a stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.

Observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, and public figures wear purple, which symbolizes ‘spirit’ on the rainbow flag.

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In early October 2010, Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan promulgated the observance of a new commemoration called Spirit Day, the first observance of which took place on October 20, 2010; it now however takes place on October 16.

On this day people wear the color purple to show support for LGBT youth who are victims of bullying. Promoted by GLAAD, many Hollywood celebrities wore purple on this day to show their support of this cause, and many websites added a prominent purple shade to their design.

The name Spirit Day comes from the purple stripe of the Rainbow flag, whose creator Gilbert Baker defined it as “representing ‘spirit'”.

The observance was inaugurated in response to a rash of widely publicized bullying-related suicides of gay school students in 2010, including that of Tyler Clementi.

More than 1.6 million Facebook users signed up for the event globally.

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~STAND UP against Homophobia!~

~Published on Aug 7, 2012~

Irish anti homophobic bullying advertisement, created as part of BeLonG To Youth Services annual Stand Up!

LGBT Awareness Weeks. The campaign promotes friendship amongst young people as a way to combat homophobic bullying.


~Orange is the New Black takes a stand against bullying for #spiritday~

~Published on Oct 14, 2014~

Go purple now at – For more information about GLAAD’s work, please visit,, and


~Why Wearing Purple on #SpiritDay Matters~

Oprah Winfrey Network

~Published on Oct 15, 2014~

Shane Bitney Crone, subject and producer of the documentary Bridegroom has a special video message about #SpiritDay.

Every year since it first began in 2010, #SpiritDay is a day when millions of people go purple to unite in a stand against bullying and in support of LGBT youths everywhere. Watch the video to see what Shane has to say about how you can actually make a difference in someone’s life by going purple on October 16, 2014.


We ALL are ONE!!