Thoughts for today, #380 …. “Embrace all of PRINCE …. private and public”!!


~~May 24, 2016~~ 


He’s been gone not that long it feels like an eternity.

The more I read about his remarlable human being, the more a feel the loss.

I found this statement somewhere in the pages of the internet.

I failed to record who wrote this or where I found it.

I do feel the need to share because the message expressed below is so important.

It’s important for Prince’s legacy and it’s important for the legions of fans who have stayed behind to deal with his passing.

If anyone recognizes where this statement came from, please, do not hesitate to let me know.

Corrections/credits will be done immediately.



Regarding the controversies around the topics of privacy and whether or not he had an addiction, or dependency or had HVI or AIDS, or Cancer or committed suicide or any other reason for his passing

Our response: We think people should not be so caught up buying the narrative that saying Prince had a prescription drug issue or some sort illness will tarnish his legacy …. He was much bigger than that… and he was also human with struggles just like all us.

We think what is important is to know how he died, and IF its warranted who had something to do with it and IF so why? And how it was done?

The more people buy into the narrative that its best to keep things hidden to respect “his privacy” because it will hurt or tarnish his legacy the less incline the authorities may be to tell the truth … unless, of course, people rather live with a legacy based on lies than with his truth …. His legacy in our eyes will always reminds intact no matter what … we just want his full truth to be told and we believe he would want that too …

Otherwise why would he introduce his doctor at his last concert and thank his doctor in public at his last party?

We think people should accept the fact that Prince was a delightful human being that just like any one of us also had to face and overcome struggles regardless of what those struggles were ….

A drug addition or an illness will not rob him of his tremendous and incomparable legacy … at least in the eyes of those who truly love him and accept him with all his truth  …

We don’t want a legacy -his future legacy – to be build on lies or based on hidden truths … we want to embrace all of PRINCE private and public because he earned that and so much more.




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