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~~May 15, 2018~~ 

Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem

The complicit first daughter and her shady husband are partying in Jerusalem while Palestinian people are being slaughtered

The juxtaposition of images of dead and wounded Palestinians and Ivanka Drumpf smiling in Jerusalem like a Zionist Marie Antoinette tell us a lot about America’s relationship to Israel right now

I can’t wrap my mind around this.

There’s no worse blind person than one blind person who doesn’t want to see. 

I can only see misery, self defense, preservation from the Palestinians and total disregard from the state of Israel. Israel has military grade weapons, has been encroaching in Palestine land, suffocating the Palestine nations in ways that I can only imagine.

In the meantime, the Drumpfs, the Netanyahus, the powerful, hawkish Jews and Zionist evangelicals take advantage of the lack of morals, values, policies and strategy of the

Fool on the Hill“.



By Michelle Goldberg

Opinion Columnist
May 14, 2018
On Monday, May 14, Ivanka Drumpf, Jared Kushner and other leading lights of the Trumpist right gathered in Israel to celebrate the relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, a gesture widely seen as a slap in the face to Palestinians who envision East Jerusalem as their future capital.

The event was grotesque

It was a consummation of the cynical alliance between hawkish Jews and Zionist evangelicals who believe that the return of Jews to Israel will usher in the apocalypse and the return of Christ, after which Jews who don’t convert will burn forever.

This spectacle, geared toward Drumpf’s Christian American base, coincided with a massacre about 40 miles away. Since March 30, there have been mass protests at the fence separating Gaza and Israel.

Gazans, facing an escalating humanitarian crisis due in large part to an Israeli blockade, are demanding the right to return to homes in Israel that their families were forced from at Israel’s founding.



The demonstrators have been mostly but not entirely peaceful; Gazans have thrown rocks at Israeli soldiers and tried to fly flaming kites into Israel.

The Israeli military has responded with live gunfire as well as rubber bullets and tear gas. In clashes on Monday, at least 58 Palestinians were killed and thousands wounded, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

“As it appears in … full read/fullcredit”


~~Ivanka Trump officially opens US embassy in Jerusalem~~


~Bloodshed in Gaza after Ivanka Trump opens US embassy in Jerusalem~

~~Published on May 15, 2018~~

Drumpf’s daughter Ivanka Drumpf has unveiled the seal of the new US embassy in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, sparking violent clashes with Palestinians along the Gaza border


58 at last count and 2700 injured

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To start the day …. Peace is better!!

~~July 11, 2014~~

This Israel-Palestine situation has been on my mind. I must confess that I’m basically ignorant of the reasons of what it’s happening in this part of the world.

All I know and care about is that, like so many other war-torn places, innocents are being oppressed, persecuted, displaced and killed. They are being robbed of the simple basic rights afforded by commissions, organizations, rules and bills.

Hate is learned, oppression is enforced by those in power. Inequalities are established when differences are not accepted and some think their way is the only way.

Let these children teach all a lesson: get along. 


From a dear Facebook friend. I tend to agree. 

“It is deeply disturbing as Palestinians are killed and wounded by the hundreds that the “civilized” world pays more attention to rocket attacks launched by Hamas that haven’t even injured a single Israeli. The world cares more about the thought of a potential Israeli death, regardless of how minute the chance is, than they do about Palestinians actually being slaughtered.

In a world conditioned by propaganda it isn’t surprising that this is the case. After all, the aim of the propagandist is to convince one group of people that another group isn’t human, and therefore doesn’t have rights. Palestinians have been stripped of their humanity and their death is both embraced as it is ignored, for the Israeli race is superior to theirs and the apartheid operations of Israel must continue undeterred.”


~~What a Wonderful World~~

Playing For Change

~~Published on Nov 20, 2012~~

Playing For Change is proud to present a new video of the song “What A Wonderful World” featuring Grandpa Elliott with children’s choirs across the globe. In these hard times children and music bring us hope for a better future.

Today we celebrate life and change the world one heart and one song at a time!!


The world is still wonderful, the skies are still blue, the clouds are still white. Rainbows still appear, flowers are in bloom. Babies cry, they grow and become adults. There’s still music playing, there’s still hope. It can’t be too late.

The world is in our hands. Children can see it. They are pure and have innate goodness in them. Why can’t adults get it like children do?

It is still a wonderful world.

Don’t mess it up. 



We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!

We ALL are ONE!!