The situation in Russia …… Homophobic laws and the Sochi games!


A very dear friend and prolific blogger has been describing, loud and clear, the situation that has been going on in Russia. 

Melanie Nathan, Publisher & Editor

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She was born in South Africa where she practiced as an attorney during the apartheid era.

She reported on this topic: 


By Melanie Nathan, November 05, 2013.

We have been reporting for some time the attacks of young people, including students, who are lured through the internet, by anti-LGBT, neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalists groups in Russia. We have also been reporting that these groups have gained strength and increased their attacks on young gay (LGBT) people or those perceived as gay, especially since passage of the new anti-gay law, known as the anti-propaganda law.

According to the Russian LGBT advocacy group, Spectrum Human Rights,  Putin’s government continues the homophobic and xenophobic propaganda on all state run media outlets. As a result fascists started to attack international students and even go on hunting tours (“safaris”) in nearby countries.



Then, she reported on another related topic:  


SA student perceived as Gay tortured by Russian gangsters known as Occupy Pedophile who are given Impunity by Vladimir Putin and his homophobic regime

#WANTED Let us #OUT these criminals so the world knows who they are. By Spreading this Article around we are showing the faces of the cowardly Russian criminals who lure and kidnap young people, #gay or perceived as gay, for the purposes of public torture and humiliation; and all the while Vladimir #Putin watches on… his tacit endorsement, with license provided by his homophobic anti-gay legislation.


I’m posting this today because I believe it’s important to show the readers what comments she has received from people who have visited her blog and have spouted feelings of hate, extreme prejudice,  condoning of violence, public torture and humiliation.


Maxim Martsenkevich (“Tesak”)

Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich is a former leader of the far-right extremist group Format18, which was the ‘armed wing’ of the Russian neo-Nazi organization NSO.
Born: July 8, 1984 (age 29) – in the Video the SA student is forced to send greeting to Tesak as well as to do the group’s bent thumb sign.
Comments by visitors and Melanie’s answers:

Nickita November 12, 2013 at 4:20 AM 

# pff, this article has a low factual value. Frankly speaking tit is plenty of disinformation. First of all Putin has nothing common with that gang, and the second we haven’t got any law that opresseses gays (i am lawyer and i know what i’m saying). If somebody wants to discuss i with me politely, i can answer all your questions from the Russian point of view.

Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 6:31 PM #

Nickita you are under informed and you see it from your own perspective. I also hear that in Russia you do not get to see all the media that we get to see here. I understand your lack of information can be attributed to that fact. I have a list of things you have never been privy to ito what the Russian authorities hide from you. Hence I excuse your limited information. Not to mention that you may have your own agenda. Let me explain – from a human rights perspective. And I am an international human rights attorney. I understand the law very well and the Russian anti-propaganda law has its very premise rooted in myth and misinformation about gays. You cannot have “gay propaganda” it does not exist. Its a false premise. Human sexuality cannot be propagandized. I cannot turn a straight person gay and I cannot turn a gay person straight. No amount of support or enticement can change or alter a persona’s sexuality. So to base a law on a lie is an infringement on one’s basic human rights. That said Putin has supported a law that in fact puts out a lie about a minority group. That is tantamount to giving license and impunity to those thugs who seek the demise of that minority group. The Occupy pedophilia is a front for racists, Xenophobes and homophobes – easily proven. Hence Putin is complicit. Until he arrests those thugs for their precise crimes – not trumped up crimes – then he is complicit. Until he eradicates laws based on lies , then he is complicit. Hopefully this cryptic answer will provide a measure of understanding and set the tone for the conversation you say you would like to have. Scott Lively, the American Evangelical extremist Christina is taking credit for the anti-gay laws in Russia 0 known as the Anti-Propaganda law. It is rooted in lies.

That said, I have 2 children. Beautiful normal kids- well adjusted, really bright, sports kids, who do well at school. They lead very normal lives. We talk about gay rights all the time around my dinner table. i explain the importance of freedom and equality to my kids. NONE of that will make them straight or gay. So where is the propaganda. In RU I can stand accused of a crime? My life and my homes is as good as anyone’s. I just had a meeting with Russian activists – here is the article. They were telling us that young people who are under 18 are not getting the counseling and help they need with the fact that they are feeling like they are GAY. Instead of getting counseling and being able to talk about safe-sex they are so stigmatized that they are afraid to go to clinics for HIV testing and counseling.


Pavel November 12, 2013 at 9:17 AM #

You are under the great delusion. Occupay Pedophile does not kidnap people. They don’t torture gays. They catch pedophiles, who want sex with young boys under 15th years old. They punish that ugly people. In Russia justice does not work, that leads to punishment from society.
Maxim and his friends do the great job. People in other contries distort the real things. Every pedophile is older than 18. Pedophiles afraid him, and this is right. The count of pedophile cases very decreased in Russia, thanks to Occupy Pedophile. If one person is gay, nobody will touch him, if he does not want meet young boy.

Melanie Nathan November 12, 2013 at 2:39 PM #

So is Maxim Tesak your new CZAR? Do you want to keep living in a society where there is no law and order? Where people pretend there is a case – so that they fabricate and entrap kids who just want to socialize with each other – to pretend like something is happening. Damn sick if you ask me. This is not the right way to do things. Its an excuse to capture and torture gays because you are homophobic. Which means in that you FEAR. You are afraid of being gay so you turn against gays.

Daniil November 9, 2013 at 11:21 AM #

I had checked it, there is the same Age of consent in SA as in Russia – 16 years old. So why in SA (and in most other countries) there is no permission to fuck kids until they grow up, but when in my country our patriots catch those perverts, you call it honophobia?

Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 1:43 PM#

So you e-mail is Whitepow???? No wonder you think like a sicko. You are a racist and you are a pervert …. OK so that means if I suspect you of murder, or theft, I can get a gang of my friends to lure you into a place and we can beat you up and do our own justice on you? Are you THAT sick? Is Russian Society about vigilante sickos like you? What gave these people the right to think they are the law? And you by justifying it are as bad.
I dont see you running around catching thieves and murderers and rapists in this fashion. THAT IS homophobia because I dont see them torturing thieves and murderers -only gay kids looking for friendship under the presumption (unproven) that they want sex?


Daniil November 9, 2013 at 3:39 PM #

Yes, if you have any proof that I committed crime like pedophilia or murder and the police does not work well to arrest me – you can catch me, because any person has right to protect his life, his children and society in which he lives. They don`t think they are law, they just care about future of their own children. Do you have children?Who are you calling kids? Mostly they are adults over 35, this animal from SA is 20 year old, he is adult man not kid. And yes, their crime always are proven.Or would you really believe the man who stands naked in the child`s place that he came just to take a bath? Seriously? Also they hunt not only for pedophiles, but drag-dealers for example and report about stores in which alcohol can be sold to underage ones. I`m, sure you did`t know this, your media do not want report about those activities. Even in your rotten from tolerance-overdose countries people will not protect such bastards as drug-dealers … yet. I think Its pretty fun for readers to see in our little conversation that you are more aggressive than me, Nazi and racist. And what is your problem about racism? I think it’s right to protect yourself, your family, your country, your culture and race, especially in the world where white people are less then 10% of the entire world population. It is only in your narrow-mind vision racism is about torturing another races but for me it`s just love for my culture and people. It’s sad you don’t understand this.
Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 4:14 PM#

Thank goodness I live in a place that allows people to love who they love. Races can mix freely and people can have same sex relationships. Freedom to love who you love is the ultimate guide for perfection in society. Happiness is governed by love not restrictions on who you can love. Of course I do not approve of pedophilia. Like the thousands of straight Russian men screwing little girls everyday. The Russian trafficking and porno industry that hurts young women. The straight men who cannot have sex with their wives because they are so busy jerking off to fake woman on computers. The statistics show that the numbers of people that are perverts in that way are mostly straight men in conservative and rigid areas. But I suppose that is okay. Those people are not the so called pedophiles and perverts who yu seem to care about. The most cruel amongst us are the rapist straight me who hurt little girls and those men you wont touch with your vigilante program because they are just like you. They are straight NOT gay. Yes of course this is about homophobia and not at all about pedophilia, the latter your excuse to go after gays.

Thank God I live in a country that welcomes Jews, Black people and gays. We would have you guys with these videos in Jail in one nano second here in the USA and in many other countries in Europe. But you and Putin love what you stand for and that is why Russian society is so messed up. Seems like a horrible hateful place to live. No wonder people are leaving in droves. Maybe one day when only you white supremacist guys are left you can stand in a circle with Putin and wonder who you will attack next?

And so you put out the message that ALL gays are pedophiles and your entire world collapses because it is based on lies. Most gays just want to love each other in peace and are not interested in hurting anyone. You feed the world your lies and we see through you. You are a sad society. May you get the help you need. Its all about Love.

aniil November 10, 2013 at 3:37 AM#

OK, I get it. You`re just another victim of anti Russian propaganda. Do you really think that here in Russia, we chasing gays with pitchfork and torches? That every day straight men rape little girls while we just watching this? That Russian porno industry is bigger than germany or yours? This is ridiculous. Those guys from the Occupy Pedophile are not arrested only because the perverts, who they hunting, don’t bring a charge. Every bastard know that in the second he came to the police station all proves of his crime such as video tape, record of telephone talks with kid, correspondence, record from wire – all of this will be send to the Police and he spend in a jail much more years than his tortures. Also sometimes they use girls as bait not only boys. But girls grow up much faster than boys, it is the medical fact, and so they have to find not 14-15 yo kids but 11-12 yo, so peudo-guardians like you will not say that it`s not pedophilia because the bait already looks like adult woman. But it is very difficult to find parents who want risk their daughter`s mental health, so the baits are more often boys not girls. But of course you did not hear anything about this. Your government wants you think Russians and their president are all savages and barbarians, that every day we shoot down here Jews, gays maybe someone else, he-he. But the solid fact is that our multinational country, biggest in the world, was founded without blood, all ethnic groups live now in the same territories like centuries ago but your was built on the Indians bones, our president oppose your intervention into the countries of North Africa, your country is the world leader of public shooting, so solve your own problems, fix your own shit issues and stop listen to your government propaganda. You support not gays(who live in my country not worse than any others), but criminals.
P.S. What about vodka? If you really knew anything about Russian Nazi you would never have written such a nonsense. I don`t drink alcohol, don`t smoke and do not drug.

Melanie Nathan November 10, 2013 at 2:56 PM#

Haha… more excuses Mr. Straight Pedophile? I did not read your whole comments – sorry no patience – but others might want to read it… People like you do not know the meaning of the word freedom, justice, equality, and that is why you should go back to communism and enjoy Lenin and Stalin thinking. I think they would keep more law and order than what is happening there now. I mean we all know you hate gays, blacks and jews and that is what this is all about. That is why your email address is:


Occupy Pedophiliay November 9, 2013 at 10:39 PM# …. Google Translate:

In view of the prevailing circumstances, and it started a couple of days ago, massive attack journalists , both Russian and foreign , in the direction of Russian – Pedofilyay Project Occupy movement and restructuring , as referred to in articles about the “evil Russian neo-Nazis who are caught in no way guilty of gays ! Beat them , humiliate them a sense of ” self-esteem ” and all the bullying spread in the Internet . ” Decided to clarify the situation . In the articles , the movement Occupy – Pedofilyay of deep resentment towards black people, caught an innocent guy David Smith , forced to dance tuzemskie dancing, throwing the Roman salute , and after all the bullying was shaved bald. It was also said that the video was uploaded to the web November 4 Day of National Unity , thereby contributing to a series of riots and marches , showing the superiority of whites over blacks . Disrespectful foreign fags, surely we don’t like niggers much, but we caught him.

Melanie Nathan November 11, 2013 at 10:35 PM#

Read: v ……. have found out that this would not be the first time that Martsinkevich has been accused of raping men. A source has told me that two men have reported being sodomized by Martsinkevich. It would seem that the entire gang of utlra-nationalist thugs known as Occupy Pedophilia have participated in these sex crimes and it is probably a matter of time before warrants are put out for all their arrests, including the woman who helped torture the young South African featured in our earlier article.

It seems these men have not been forthright in their desire to attack other men. Their interest may be sexual and not purely vengeance. Have they been pretending all along? After all why the fascination for only gays who the accuse of pedophilia? Why have they never tried to trap straight men who are pedophiles? Are they pure homophobes or are they interested in the young men themselves? Judging by the accusations of two new victims, it would seem that Martsinkevich himself has been sexually aroused by these encounters.


… and so on .. and so on … and so on!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


We ALL fight the fight!! 


If interested at all, I strongly urge you to check these two posts. Two of many that show the barbaric, inhuman treatment the LGBT community is receiving in Russia.

And the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Sochi in February 2014 …. condoning these beliefs and all the atrocities that are being done in the name of “controlling pedophiles who “molest children”.

This is the face of Russia. This is condoned by their government.