Honor the Pulse victims, help Orlando heal …. “The Power of Dance …. “!!


~~June 23, 2016~~ 


Orlando is a magic place.

After all Mickey and his friends and family live here.

Orlando is a fasr-paced city in Central Florida.

We all know about the tragic events of June 12.

Vigils, ceremonies and muscial tributes keep coming out in solidarity with Orlando.

We also know about the power of music and dance.




49 beautiful souls were taken at Pulse, but their spirit dances on in all of us.

Let’s cherish their memory and celebrate their lives by dancing in their honor. Let’s show the world that love conquers all – that joy and happiness can’t be stopped. Now more than ever before, Orlando is The City Beautiful.

We will recover. We will grow stronger. We will keep dancing.

Add your moves to the movement.
Upload your own dancing video online tagged with #keepdancingorlando.

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Keep Dancing Orlando


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~~Keep Dancing Orlando~~

~~Published on Jun 22, 2016~~

Honor the Pulse victims and help Orlando heal through the power of dance.

Share this video, upload your own dancing video using #KeepDancingOrlando and donate to OneOrlando.org.

Then challenge your friends to do the same.


We ALL are connected thourgh HUMANITY!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


~Warrior ONE wants you to KEEP DANCING ORLANDO!~

~~Published on Jun 22, 2016~~

Honor the Pulse victims and help Orlando heal through the power of dance.



To start the day …. “Most Romantic”!!

~~January 3, 2015~~

Duo Main TenanT: the grace, beauty, poetry and power of dance

Since they began working together Nicolas and Ludivine have traveled the world to pursue their passions.

Their works have included performing in the USA with Cirque Berzerk in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York, in Japan with Disney Land, with News Circus Asia and Toho Entertainment, and in Europe with Cirque Phenix, Salto Natale and the Benissimo TV Show.

In Paris, they won the Silver Medal at the most recognized Circus Festival in the world – 31st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.


Ludivine Furnon is an Olympic athlete from France. She was the first French female gymnast to ever win a medal at the World Gymnastics Championships. Although she attended dance classes from the age of eight, Furnon did not study gymnastics until she was eleven years old. Her rise in the sport was astonishingly rapid. Two years after beginning gymnastics, she was accepted to train with the French national team in Marseille; by 1995 she was competing at the elite level when she also made her international debut, competing with the sixth-place French team at the World Gymnastics Championships in Sabae. With her innovative and expressive floor exercise routine she won a bronze medal in event finals. She became the French national champion and represented France at the Olympics. In 2008, Furnon was part of the cast of Cirque du Soleil in the production Mystere in Las Vegas, Nevada. More recently she was one of the Duo Osmose with Martin Charrat.

Nicolas Besnard developed his art at National Circus School and at the University of Dance of Montreal. In 2005, Nicolas was invited to be a guest act in the sexiest production of Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas – Zumanity where he performed over 2000 times in four years. He has performed all around the globe and has appeared in many different TV shows including Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde and Benissimo. He also won the Silver Medal in Paris at the most recognized Circus Festival in the world – 31st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain and made it to the finals of French Got Talent.


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~Most romantic, I ever seen ….~

~~Uploaded on Sept. 6, 2010~~

Dance, is a great way to express your feelings. The Grace, timing and fitness is very much needed. Look at the passion and the chemistry between them. Worked really well.


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We ALL are ONE!!