SYRIA PRIMER, Update …. “💥 EZRA KLEIN & VOX …. Dumb Drumpf’s Two Distraction Attacks Mentioned 💥 …. “!!


~~April 15, 2018~~ 



Back in April 8, 2017, I posted information about the war in Syria.

Ezra Klein, from Vox, narrated a video which explained the many factions, factors, countries and issues involved in the Syrian civil war which started in 2011 after the “Arab Spring“.

We know about the war raging within its borders.

We have seen the many refugees leaving and running into uncertain conditions about their travels and their eventual destination.

On April 7, 2017, the situation attracted a huge spotlight due to the launching of Tomahawk missiles by the United States, on a base in western Syria. The United States said was used to launch a chemical attack on April 4, 2017,which left nearly 100 people dead and hundreds more injured.

On 7 April 2018, a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma reportedly killed at least 70 people. On-site medics stated that exposure to chlorine gas and sarin nerve agent killed the victims. Several reports attributed the attack to the Syrian Army, which the Syrian Government and its allies disputed, either denying involvement or that a chemical attack had taken place at all.

Almost exactly to one year, the United States and European allies launched airstrikes on Friday night, April 13, 2018,  against Syrian research, storage and military targets as Drumpf sought to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 people.

The video explains the many details, factions, alliances and ‘players’.

And to add to the mortal mix, Drumpf is now the ‘so-called Commander- in-Chief”. 

Take a look.


~Syria’s war: Who is fighting and why~

Syria’s civil war has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. To understand how Syria got to this place, it helps to start at the beginning.

Vox Facebook Video

SYRIA PRIMER …. “from EZRA KLEIN & VOX …. details here …. “!!

(April 8, 2017, initial post)





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To start the day …. “What is Aleppo? …. Gary & Randy …. “!!


~~September 13, 2016~~


How to hit an important topic?

These last 72 hours of this presidential campaign have been beyond disturbing and concerning.

There’s always a bit of remedy with humor.

It’s ironic and sad that this topic about Aleppo can be made into something funny.

This is so only because of Randy;s take on it.

Gosh, I need some humor!



Randy Rainbow is back with another hard hitting interview, this time with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. Like many political observers, Randy is trying to understand how Johnson does not know what Aleppo is yet expects to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

While Randy needs a little help on the facts about Aleppo from his producer, he’s not running for president.

A bit taken aback by Johnson’s now infamous ‘What is Aleppo?’ retort, Randy asks the pro-marijuana legalization politician whether he may be a little…out of sorts.

The pair then play a game of political jeopardy which, Randy jokes, “is exactly what your campaign is in right now.”

Johnson’s answer to every question?


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Aleppo is a city in Syria, serving as the capital of the Aleppo Governorate, the most populous Syrian governorate. For centuries, Aleppo was the Syrian region’s largest city and the Ottoman Empire’s third-largest, after Constantinople and Cairo. With an official population of 2,132,100 (2004 census), it was Syria’s largest city and also one of the largest cities in the Levant before the advent of the Syrian Civil War.

Aleppo is Syria’s largest city and the country’s industrial and financial centre.

For the first year of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, Aleppo saw neither the large-scale protests nor the deadly violence that shook other towns and cities.

However, it suddenly became a key battleground in July 2012, when rebel fighters launched an offensive to oust government forces and gain control over northern Syria.

But the rebel advance was not decisive and Aleppo remains divided into opposition and loyalist-controlled sectors, with some parts of the city changing hands on a daily basis.

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Randy Rainbow

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~~Randy Rainbow Interviews Gary Johnson~~


~~Published on Sep 9, 2016~~


Sad reality!


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day .… “Who is bombing Syria?”!!


~~September 10, 2015~~ 


The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing armed conflict taking place in Syria. The unrest began in the early spring of 2011 within the context of Arab Spring protests, with nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad‘s government, whose forces responded with violent crackdowns. The conflict gradually morphed from prominent protests to an armed rebellion after months of military sieges.

The armed opposition consists of various groups that were formed during the course of the conflict, primarily the Free Syrian Army, which was the first to take up arms in 2011, and the Islamic Front, formed in 2013. In 2013, Hezbollah entered the war in support of the Syrian Army. In the east, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a jihadist militant group originating from Iraq, made rapid military gains in both Syria and Iraq, eventually conflicting with the other rebels. By July 2014, ISIL controlled a third of Syria’s territory and most of its oil and gas production, thus establishing itself as the major opposition force.

By July 2013, the Syrian government was in control of approximately 30–40% of the country’s territory and 60% of the Syrian population. A United Nations report in late 2012 described the conflict as being “overtly sectarian in nature”, between mostly Alawite government forces, militias and other Shia groups fighting largely against Sunni-dominated rebel groups, although both opposition and government forces have denied it. Due to foreign involvement, this conflict has been called a proxy war.

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More than 4 million Syrians have fled their country’s ongoing civil war

In recent weeks, chaos at border crossings and train stations, squalid conditions in makeshift refugee camps and a heartbreaking photograph of a drowned Syrian toddler have all helped bring Europe’s refugee crisis into the global spotlight.

According to the UNHCR, more than 380,000 migrants and refugees have landed on Europe’s southern shores so far this year, up from 216,000 arrivals in the whole of 2014. They are fleeing persecution, poverty and conflicts that rage beyond the continent’s borders.

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This Graphic Shows the Astonishing Scale of Syria’s Refugee Crisis


You can see the many “hands’ that are involved in this horrible conflict.

The sad reality of that region.

Greed, war, persecution, conflict, bombing, destruction, displacement …. nothing good can come out of this.

How did this get started?

How will this end?

What will be the final outcome?

How many humans lives will it cost?



~Who’s Bombing Syria Right Now?~

~Published on Sep 10, 2015~

With Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe in huge numbers, we take a look at who is bombing their country right now.


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