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~~April 25, 2018~~ 



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Royal Family Event …. “💕🇬🇧👑 New Arrival and Baby Makes Three …. Plus Daddy and Mummy 👑🇬🇧💕 …. “!!


~~April 23, 2018~~ 


It’s a boy!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte Entering the Hospital to Meet Their New Brother

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have just arrived at the Lindo Wing with their father Prince William to go in and meet their new baby brother.

Their mom Kate Middleton gave birth to their new sibling at 11:01 AM, London time this morning.



~Royal Watch’s Facebook Video~


Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, appear outside the hospital with their third child, a son.
Sweet Baby Royal Boy … #3!


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~New Prince Headed Home~

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have left a London hospital and headed home with their newborn son.

The duchess, who gave birth Monday morning, emerged from St. Mary’s Hospital about seven hours later alongside her husband, holding the baby wrapped in a white blanket.

The trio posed for photographers before going back inside.


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IOTD …. “Image of the Day …. Special Edition …. George & Charlotte …. Pageboy & Bridesmaid …. “!!

Wedding Of Pippa Middleton And James Matthews

~~May 20, 2017~~ 


Pippa Middleton, 33, wed her fiancé, millionaire financier James Matthews, 41, at an ancient English village church near the Bucklebury home of her wealthy parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, where Pippa grew up about 50 miles outside London.

Present in the church, besides her parents and brother, James Middleton, were Duchess Kate of Cambridge, her husband, Prince William, and their children.

Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 2, Pippa’s nephew and niece, who served as pageboy and bridesmaid.

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IOTD …. Image of the day, #390 …. “If only …. The Joy of Children”!!


~~November 19, 2015~~ 


We all know the reality.

We all know what happened.

We all know how “life” took Lady Diana from us.

We  know this has been photo-shopped.

Doesn’t it look perfect?

We have all wished this tragedy away. Now, as William and Catherine have started their family, we can’t help but wonder ….

If only …..





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Royal Siblings Debut ….. “On Social Media”!!


~~June 7, 2015~~ 

The Royal Siblings’ Big Debut On Social Media

Kate Middleton has released a set of four photographs taken by her of Prince George holding his baby sister, Charlotte, via social media.

“There was a very warm public response when Princess Charlotte was born, which was very much appreciated by the Duke and Duchess,” The Telegraph quoted a royal source as saying,

“And so they wanted to share these photographs with the public.”


In a dramatic shift to the way previous royal pictures have been distributed to the public, the images were released through Kensington Palace’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts at 9 p.m. last night, along with a series of informal — but no doubt carefully crafted — messages.

In the photographs, Prince George is wearing the same adorably old-fashioned long socks and white shirt look that he sported when he went to the hospital to meet his sister after she was born.

Charlotte is wearing a white romper suit with a knitted sweater.

The pictures were taken in May at Anmer Hall, the Norfolk house on the Queen’s country estate that William and Kate now call home.

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Proud moment for Prince George as he introduces his little sister Princess Charlotte to the world


The four photographs, released by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were taken at home by The Duchess in mid-May.


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Ten royal baby traditions to know …. as the family grows!!


Ten royal baby traditions to know .......

~~July 10, 2015~~ 

This is a throwback post to when Prince George was born. Since then there has been a new addition to the family … a baby girl: Princess Charlotte.

I’m guessing that these rules will apply too.

The couple has consistently shown that they are breaking with royal tradition and doing things the way they think is best for them.

I see a model of Diana and how she raised her two boys. She raised to be “down to earth and real”.

I strongly believe she did a great job.



Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, went into labor early Monday (7/22/13) and was admitted to a central London hospital, accompanied by Prince William. Prince George was born in 2013. 

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, born 2 May 2015) is the younger child and only daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is fourth in line to succeed her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after her paternal grandfather, her father, and her older brother.



Prince William and Duchess Kate are seen as the new face of a centuries-old institution, keeping the best of traditions while moving forward with the times. Here are 10 things to know about the royal baby in relation to royal births of the past:


Most people take a hospital birth for granted these days, but just a few decades ago the custom among royals — as it was among commoners — was to give birth at home.

Queen Elizabeth II was born at 17 Bruton Street in London, a private family home, and she gave birth to her sons Charles, Andrew and Edward in Buckingham Palace. Her only daughter, Princess Anne, was born at Clarence House, also a royal property.

That changed by the 1980s, when Princes William and Harry were both born at the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital in central London, where Kate will have her baby.


For a long time, royals were educated in private. The queen was taught at home by her father, tutors and governesses, and never mingled with commoners at a school, college or university.

Charles was the first royal heir to go to school, and William and Kate, who were both educated at independent schools, will doubtless have their child do the same.


William revealed he “fully intends” to be with Kate when she gives birth, in line with the expectations of many modern parents. He follows in the footsteps of his father, Charles, who declared how much he relished being in the delivery room in a letter to his godmother, Patricia Brabourne.

“I am so thankful I was beside Diana’s bedside the whole time because by the end of the day I really felt as though I’d shared deeply in the process of birth,” Charles wrote shortly after William’s birth.

Things were quite different when Charles was born. When the queen (then Princess Elizabeth) went into labor, her husband, Prince Philip, was off playing squash in the palace — out of restlessness, not indifference, noted Charles’ biographer Jonathan Dimbleby.



In the early 1900’s — and probably before — custom dictated that government officials should be present when a royal was born. When the queen was born in 1926, for example, the home secretary was present among the doctors.

The current home secretary, Theresa May, said the centuries-old tradition required the official to attend “as evidence that it was really a royal birth and the baby hadn’t been smuggled in.” Fortunately for Kate, the practice was abolished years ago by George VI.

The custom is thought to have been linked to the so-called “warming pan plot” of 1688, when rumors swirled that the supposed child of James II was sneaked into the delivery room in a long-handled bed-warming pan. Some 40 to 60 people were said to have dropped in to witness the birth.


Apart from the baby’s gender, the biggest guessing game ahead of the royal birth has to be the name. Most royals have three to four first names, usually in a combination that honors previous monarchs or relatives. The queen’s full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, after her mother, great-grandmother and grandmother, and William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis.

If you believe the bookmakers, the royal baby’s first name is most likely to be Alexandra, Charlotte, Elizabeth or George. In any case, it could take a while for the public to find out the future monarch’s name. When William was born, it took a full week before his name was announced.



The royals don’t require a surname. The correct title when referring to the royal baby will be His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess (name) of Cambridge. If required, current members of the royal household may use Mountbatten-Windsor, the surname adopted in 1960 for all of the queen’s children. (That name combines Windsor, the family name adopted by King George V in 1917 to replace Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and Prince Philip’s family name, Mountbatten).

Prince William, the heir of Charles, the Prince of Wales, is known as Flight Lt. Wales when on military duty.


Royal babies tend to be officially christened several days to weeks after they are born, and there are a few potential places this could take place for the new baby.

The queen was christened in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace, while both William and his father were christened in the palace’s Music Room.


The traditional way the palace announces a royal baby’s birth to the world is as quaint as it gets: A messenger with the news travels by car from the hospital to Buckingham Palace, carrying a piece of paper detailing the infant’s gender, weight and time of birth. The bulletin is then posted on a wooden easel on the palace’s forecourt for everyone to see.

In the old days the announcement was made to the wider public by a reader on radio, but today that’s replaced by the Internet and social media: As soon as the bulletin is fixed on the easel, officials will post the news on Twitter to millions of followers worldwide.



William and Kate have not made any public announcements about hiring a nanny to help them bring up their child. Many expect the couple to be more hands-on parents than earlier generations of royals, and some have speculated that because of the couple’s close ties with Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton will also have a big role in helping Kate with the baby.

Nannies have always been central to bringing up royal babies. Charles was famously close to his nannies, and William and Harry also enjoyed a bond with their former nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke — who was so well known that she herself frequently appeared in the news.


Some things don’t really change. A 62-gun salute from the Tower of London and a 41-gun salute from Green Park, near Buckingham Palace, will welcome the baby into the world with a bang, just as it did when previous royals were born. If the baby is born on a weekday, the salute will be mounted within six hours; if it’s a weekend birth, the salute will wait until Monday, the Ministry of Defense says.

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