Lady Gaga …. “Million Reasons …. Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 In Paris …. “!!


~~December 8, 2016~~ 


Lady Gaga

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is always packed full of fashion and flirty performances, and this year was no different.

Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd jetted off to the Grand Palais in Paris to take part in the annual fashion show, which aired Monday night, December 5.

Gaga took the runway for the first time in her career to perform her single “Million Reasons,” in a video released earlier this week.

You can watch her performance here. 

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~~Million Reasons~~

(Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 In Paris)

~Published on Dec 6, 2016~




We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. Happy New Year 2015!!

~~January 1, 2015~~ 

The first post of the new year. Best wishes for all the visitors, readers, followers, friends and all who stop at “It Is What It Is“.

The new year is a time for rethinking what happened before, for realizing “lessons learned” and the “make resolutions” for personal, professional, spiritual and overall improvement. 

It’s a new beginning. 

Here’s wishing all of you the best of the best for the New Year 2015.

Time to get used to writing 2015 rather than 2014. It does take a bit, you know!



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~~New Year 2015 fireworks from around the world~~

The Telegraph

~~Published on Dec 31, 2014~~

After a turbulent year marred by terror woes, Ebola outbreaks and a horrific series of airline disasters, many could be forgiven for saying good riddance to 2014 and gratefully ringing in a new year.

Across the globe, revelers looking for a respite from the gloom will converge on the beaches of Brazil, the shores of Sydney harbor and the potentially snowy streets of Las Vegas (yes, really) to welcome 2015.

So here is an highlights video of the best fireworks displays – from cities all over the world – welcoming in the new year, 2015.


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We ALL are ONE!!


Happy birthday, Mr. Militant Negro …. did you think I’d forget??

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~~October 10, 2014~~ 

I have been blogging since February 2013. I retired from a full time career in the medical field and needed something to do to keep busy. 

Since the beginning of this endeavor, the blogosphere has introduced some people into my life who has left a significant “mark” in me. 

Today I want to honor in a simple, sincere and humble way …. a very special man:



In his own words: 

“What is a Militant Negro you ask? That’s very simple to answer. I’m a Militant Negro.

I am Sicilian, Corsican, African & Pawnee Indian and that makes for a fascinating combination of volatile combustible raw emotional truth and facts, which most folks can not handle.

Ok, so let me tell you a little bit about this guy. He’s this Blogger; thinker, hard-worker but always refers to himself as a Hack not a writer. You know how some articles we read can be so boring but full of facts and information right. Well, this guy puts down words like I’ve never seen before. I mean it doesn’t matter the topic, he writes about a variety of things. Some pieces are full of facts, stats quotes and some not, but always his bold personal opinion. That’s where he grabs you. He has this bold manly kind of manner that almost stands up off the page as you’re reading it.

It can give the average unexpected readers that shock factor at first because you can darn near feel his strong but real honest presence standing next to you, his sense of “this is my view, my opinions and I’m saying it my way”!



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Mr. Militant Negro is a very professional, productive, educational, passionate and without comparison blogger …. in my humble opinion.

He writes about causes, politics, truth, facts, art, injustices, history, world events, importance of voting. He has different sections: Twitter Storm, The Last 24 Hours, Obamacare and others. He’s very well versed in life, his points of view are strong and may be considered controversial. Yet … he is”professional, productive, educational, passionate and without comparison blogger”.

I’m very proud to call him my friend …. to call him my brother.


~~happy birthday~~

~~Uploaded on Nov 15, 2005~~

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We ALL are ONE!!