Thoughts for today, #197 …. “Climate change and Dr. Guy McPherson”!!


~~July 12, 2015~~ 

We are dead: Climate change and Dr. Guy McPherson

Climate change is the sickness of our civilization, and the prognosis is bleak.

For a while, Dr. Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology & evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, was relatively optimistic. There was a time when he believed that, if modern industrial society were to suddenly cease to operate, the planet could be saved. Not any more, he says.

Planet Earth is now in hospice, nearing the end.

Guy McPherson believes that life on Earth will more or less be extinct by the year 2060, and the evidence he presents is compelling and well sourced. Of the creatures that may live, mankind is not among them. We’ll run out of food and water. We’ll be swept away by typhoons, and freeze in winter storms of unusual intensity. We’ll dry in the sun, and our mummified remains will break apart in sandstorms, our disintegrated body matter swirling around like dervishes of dust.

Now, Guy didn’t actually use any of these morbid descriptions, but that is where my mind went after hearing the overwhelming amount of factual information that he presented. If he’s a flake, as some have accused him of being, then he is the most learned and exhaustively conclusive flake I’ve ever met.


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