To start the day …. International “Global” Tiger Day”!!


~~July 29, 2014~~

Dedicated to the Great – Big Cats of the World


The world is losing its Great Cats at a vicious speed. If we lose our apex predators, then we lose a vital part of this Earth. This page was created to help bring awareness and to be a voice for our Great-Big Cat Species. We must come together to help put a stop to this “Out of Control War” to kill our great cats, before it is too late. Once they are gone – there is no coming back.






International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July.

It was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.


Tuesday, July 29th is International Tiger Day, an annual celebration raising awareness for tiger conservation. Founded in 2010 during the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, it is an international effort to draw worldwide attention to severely declining native populations of tigers and their ecosystems. It also serves to highlight the tigers who remain, and groups working to save them.

Tigers face constant threats to their survival. Deforestation is decreasing not only habitats but prey. With limited regions where they can live and hunt safety, tigers are facing more encounters with humans. This leads to higher levels of stress which are severely detrimental to big cats. For tigers, their most infamous threat is poaching and sale on the illegal wildlife trade market.

Their skins, bones and other various body parts are consumed for traditional medical or as status symbols. As the economies of consumer countries grow, business for tiger products is booming. Efforts to protect tigers from deforestation and poaching are varied but have a few common elements:

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“Our hearts cry. Awful news: a recent tiger count by tiger experts confirmed that there are not 3200 tigers in the wild like in 2013, but only 3000 are now left. Please create awareness with us. Like & Share to create awareness.”


Poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation have reduced the global population of the tiger to less than 3,500 and the pressures continue to mount. Under the current scenario, it is predicted that the tiger may well be extinct within the coming decade.

Celebrating this day is a way to help raise awareness about the many threats tigers face:

Habitat loss
Prey loss
Human-tiger conflict


~~International Tiger Day: Tigers say ‘save us’~~

~~Published on Jul 29, 2013~~

International Tiger Day or Global Tiger Day is celebrated annually on July 29 to create awareness about the conservation of tiger and protect the natural habitat of tigers globally.


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


We ALL are ONE!!


“If you can’t do anything to help me, at least don’t harm me.”