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~~May 26, 2015~~ 


“(In case you missed it)”

Today I need soothing. Today I need peace.

Today I need beauty.

As I read the posts on the blogs I follow, as I read the newspaper (extremely rarely), as I watch the news (not that much anymore), as I interact with some friends and family, I feel the way that we treat each other.

It doesn’t look good.

The greed is ever present. The wars continue. The inequality and discrimination continues. The stupidity of those in office & those wanting to be in office continues. The killings continue.

The destruction of our Earth continues.

I strongly believe that all of us want better. I strongly believe that all of us need soothing.

Beauty and Nature soothes me.

This is what is could and should be.

Let’s not stand back and not do anything. We all can do something. We need to reclaim our humanity, our spirit and our goodness.

How can we do that?




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One video you NEED to see

~~Uploaded on Feb 22, 2010~~

SONG: Two Steps From Hell – Eria
I’m aware of the grammar mistakes in the introduction. I’m also aware that “it’s” is an abbreviated version of “it is”. I don’t need a lecture on correct English. I was extremely tired and made a couple of errors regarding grammar.

My mistakes don’t take anything away from the sentiment of the introduction or video. I’m human, I make mistakes.

This video was created by David Bayliss

However, the majority of the footage used in this video is the property of TS Production LLC. The footage is freely available to download and distribute around the world.


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We ALL are ONE!!