Something to think about …. “The Gay Agenda”!!


~~May 4, 2015~~ 


The Homosexual Agenda is a self-centered set of beliefs and objectives designed to promote and even mandate approval of homosexuality and homosexual ideology, along with the strategies used to implement such. The goals and means of this movement include indoctrinating students in public school, restricting the free speech of opposition, obtaining special treatment for homosexuals, distorting Biblical teaching and science, and interfering with freedom of association. Advocates of the homosexual agenda seek special rights forhomosexuals that other people don’t have, such as immunity from criticism (see hate speech, hate crimes). Such special rights will necessarily come at the expense of the rights of broader society. The homosexual agenda is the biggest threat to the right of free speechtoday.

In 2014, one of the top priorities of the Homosexual Agenda is to prohibit and outlaw conversion therapy, particularly for teenagers. California and New Jersey are the only states to have enacted such laws (Governor Chris Christie signed it into law as he was preparing his reelection campaign), and leftists are pushing similar bans in many other states now.

In a speech on December 10, 2013, to a pro-family rally in Jamaica, Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance outlined the step-by-step approach of the homosexual agenda:

legalize homosexuality
promote gay pride parades
demand non-discrimination laws
insist on homosexuals’ adoption of children
push the homosexual agenda in schools
force “gay marriage” on society
demand public funding to deal with increased homosexual-related social problems
promote the transgender agenda
impose a large-scale loss of free speech
ban counseling for kids confused by homosexual issues
attack churches


I can’t believe that I really found this. I can’t believe the narrow minded people who really believe this and work on a plan to fight this nonexistent “agenda”.

It exists only in their minds.

If you think this is really true, there’s really no use in having any type of conversation.

Sad reality …. sorry to them.



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