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~~January 4, 2017~~ 


Seditious Conspiracy

In other words, trying to harm the United States, right?

Conspire to overthrow, contrary to the authority …

The more I read this, the more familiar it sounds to me.

I think this is happening during our current times!

You know what I’m saying … by covert means.



Oscar López Rivera is an Independentista, a Puerto Rican Nationalist and member of FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation), an organization whose members declared themselves combatants against the US colonization of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico was invaded and subsequently seized by the US in 1898, and has since been denied the right to self-govern. While Puerto Ricans vote in the primary, serve in the US armed forces, are required to register for selective service and can be drafted to fight in US wars, Puerto Ricans living on the island are not allowed to vote in presidential elections and have no voting representatives in the US Senate or Congress.

FALN claimed responsibility for more than 120 bomb attacks on banks, military sites and government facilities across the US between 1974 and 1980, which led to the 1980 arrest of 11 men and women for seditious conspiracy.

Although he was named a co-defendant in the case, Oscar López Rivera was not arrested until a year later, when he was picked up during a traffic stop, and also charged with seditious conspiracy, weapons possession and transporting stolen vehicles across state lines.

No evidence was ever found tying López Rivera to any of the bombings, and although he was not convicted of any violent crimes, he was sentenced to 55 years in federal prison. Later, an additional 15 years were added to his sentence for an alleged escape attempt.

He is now the longest-incarcerated Puerto Rican political prisoner, currently serving 70 years, including 12 in solitary confinement, even though the UN has condemned solitary confinement in excess of 15 days as a violation of human rights.

However, although there’s a growing movement calling for López Rivera’s release, the US government has classified him as a terrorist.

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Puerto Ricans Push Obama to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera, Independence Activist Jailed for 35 Years

~~Published on Dec 23, 2016~~

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition urging President Obama to grant clemency to Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar López Rivera, who has been imprisoned for about 35 years, much of the time in solitary confinement.

In 1981, López Rivera was convicted on federal charges, including seditious conspiracy – conspiring to oppose U.S. authority over Puerto Rico by force. In 1999, President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of the FALN, but López Rivera refused to accept the deal because it did not include two fellow activists, who have since been released.

We speak to Oscar’s brother José López Rivera and Melissa Mark-Viverito, speaker of the New York City Council.


We ALL are ONE!! 


Free Oscar López Rivera …. #FreeOscarLopez …. !!


~~March 7, 2016~~ 


There is an innate feeling and desire in every human being to be free.

The place where one is born is sacred.

When your sensibilities are shaken by the continued injustices thrust upon your country, the wise, sensible soul knows it’s time to do something about it.

This is one such human being.

The actions he took were the only resort he had to continue attempts started by others to free Puerto Rico.

Look long and hard at the way “the Master” has treated it’s colony, the Island of Puerto Rico.

“Desperate times, desperate measures.”

The “powers that be” continue to conspire against him.

He’s been the longest held political prisoner in history.

Time to set him free!!



Oscar López Rivera (born 6 January 1943) is a Puerto Rican nationalist and one of the leaders of the FALN

In 1981, López Rivera was convicted and sentenced to 55 years in federal prison for seditious conspiracy, use of force to commit robbery, interstate transportation of firearms, and conspiracy to transport explosives with intent to destroy government property. In 1988 he was sentenced to an additional 15 years in prison for conspiring to escape from prison.

López Rivera was among the 14 convicted FALN members offered conditional clemency by U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1999, but rejected the offer. His sister, Zenaida López, said he refused the offer because on parole, he would be in “prison outside prison.”

Resident Commissioner, Pedro Pierluisi, has stated that “the primary reason that López Rivera did not accept the clemency offer extended to him in 1999 was because it had not also been extended to fellow FALN prisoner Carlos Torres (who was subsequently released from prison in July 2010).”

According to New York Times writer John Broder, López Rivera “refused to accept the President’s offer to commute their sentences.

Mr. Clinton demanded as one of the conditions of their release that the jailed Puerto Ricans renounce the use of terrorism to achieve their aim of independence for the Caribbean commonwealth.”

The continued imprisonment of López Rivera has been both opposed as well as supported by groups and individuals representing political, religious, and other various establishments.

While some call him a terrorist, others call him as a political prisoner.

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FALN is an acronym for Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (English: “Armed Forces of National Liberation”).

It can refer to: Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (Puerto Rico).



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~~Bring Him Home~~

Oscar Lopez Rivera

~~Published on Jan 6, 2015~~


The short film, Bring Him Home, is inspired by the campaign to free Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Imprisoned in the United States for over 3 decades on charges of seditious conspiracy. Oscar is the longest held political prisoner in Puerto Rican history.

Bring Him Home is based on a poem written by spoken word artist Reyes, with music by renowned producer DJ O-Zone. Produced by Reyes and Directed Samuel J. Vega, the film attempts to display the innocence of Oscar’s childhood by showing the beauty of his beloved nation, Puerto Rico, through his eyes.


We ALL are ONE!! 

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