To start the day …. “Puerto Rico Day Of Action …. “!!


~~May 9, 2016~~ 



The clock is ticking!

It’s not getting any better.

There’s still inaction from the “powers that be”. An island, that is a possession/territory of the might US of A is literally “sinking back in the ocean”.

More than 3 million American citizens are paying the price of years of mismanagement by elected officials and their counterparts in the mainland.

There are some voices that have come forward expressing that it’s only ethical and humanitarian to provide alternatives to Puerto Rico to address the economical disaster.

It’s becoming a matter of humanitarian crisis.

The great nation, the great “Master”, has an ethical obligation to come forward and provide options to it’s citizens.

Yes, Puerto Ricans are American citizens. We have been citizens since 1917.

Please, take a bit of time to listen to how this crisis is affecting the Island.



As Humanitarian & Economic Crisis In Puerto Rico Continues To Escalate, Senators Gillibrand, Warren& Schumer & NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, With Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, Announce New Push To Put Puerto Rico On The Path To Recovery

The situation in Puerto Rico is dire and getting worse. 57 percent of Puerto Rico’s children live in poverty and essential services in the Commonwealth are already in peril.

For example:

More than 150 schools have closed and school security guards have not been paid in months.
Puerto Rico’s only children’s hospital lacks CT and MRI machines, and has 70 vacant nursing positions.
The supplier of gasoline to ambulances, police cars, and fire engines nearly cut off fuel supplies.
Towns have gone without water for days at a time because of unpaid previous bills.



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~~March 15, 2016~~

Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren and Charles E. Schumer and New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, with Grammy award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda of the Broadway show Hamilton, and community leaders, today launched a new push to address the humanitarian and economic crisis in Puerto Rico. Senators Gillibrand and Warren introduced new legislation that would give Puerto Rico the ability to file for bankruptcy protection and restructure its debt in a transparent, orderly way. Senators Gillibrand, Warren and Schumer, Miranda, and advocates for Puerto Rico launched a day of action on Capitol Hill and are visiting offices to urge support for the new measure.

“Congress must take action now to help our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico,” said Senator Gillibrand (D-NY). “If Congress fails to act soon, the humanitarian and economic crisis in Puerto Rico will become even more dire and more costly to resolve down the road. We have an opportunity right now to help address this crisis head-on in a way that provides the Commonwealth with a transparent, orderly process to restructure its debt. I urge all of my colleagues to act with a sense of urgency to pass this legislation and help put Puerto Rico on the path to recovery.”

Senators Gillibrand & Warren Introduce New Legislation to Put Puerto Rico on the Path to Economic Recovery by Allowing the Commonwealth to File for Bankruptcy Protection, Restructure Its Debt in a Transparent, Orderly Way


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Sen. Gillibrand Joined By Sen. Warren & Lin-Manuel Miranda For Puerto Rico Day Of Action

~~Published on Mar 15, 2016~~

Senators Gillibrand, Warren & Schumer & NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, with Grammy Award Winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, Urge Congress to Act Now to Prevent Further Chaos and Disorder in the Commonwealth



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