Billy Watman Music …. “🎼⚜️ A Tribute To Freddie Mercury …. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ ⚜️🎼 …. “!!


~~November 28, 2018~~ 


~Bohemian Rhapsody~

No doubt this young man has amazing talent. Bohemian Rhapsody is a complex song itself.

It seems Billy performs it with innate ease.

Take a  look!!



Billy is an award winning 17 year old Anglo-Brazilian classical/fingerstyle instrumental guitarist, inspired by the likes of Rodrigo y Gabriela, Tommy Emmanuel, Mike Oldfield and Paco De Lucía.

In 2016, he reached the grand final of ‘Guitar Star’ – a guitar based talent show open to all ages and genres for Sky Arts TV, which was broadcast in Europe, Australia and South America.

An experienced live performer, he has graced the main stage of Towersey Festival along with Midge Ure and Billy Bragg and was musical guest of comedian Rory Bremner, performing live on BBC Radio Scotland and at 2 sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, where he has regularly performed on the Royal Mile since the age of 9.

His audition for the show, performing a classical arrangement of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was a viral internet sensation, and altogether his videos have been seen by over 60 million people.


(further information found here)


Billy Watman Music Twitter Feed 

Billy Watman Music Facebook Timeline

Billy Watman Music YouTube Channel


~Bohemian Rhapsody on Classical Guitar~

Billy Watman

~~Published on Nov 1, 2016~~

17 year old Billy Watman auditions for George Benson, Tony Visconti and Milos Karadaglic – Sky Arts TV Guitar Star 2016 “Guitar Star: 14-Year-Old Billy Watman

Bohemian Rhapsody.

Posted with the kind permission of Sky Arts TV.


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IOTD …. “🎼🎼 Images of the Day, Very Special Edition …. Freddie Mercury …. Until We Meet Again in the Next Life 🎼🎼 …. “!!

~~November 24, 2018~~



The great Freddie Mercury died 27 years ago today.

The beauty of his music will never fade.

~Classic Rock Magazine~


Farrokh Bulsara (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991), known professionally as Freddie Mercury, was a British singer-songwriter and record producer, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.

He was known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave vocal range.

Mercury wrote numerous hits for Queen, including “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Killer Queen”, “Somebody to Love”, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, and “We Are the Champions”.

He led a solo career while performing with Queen, and occasionally served as a producer and guest musician for other artists.



~Classic Rock Magazine Facebook Video~


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ARETHA FRANKLIN …. “💞🎼 Queen of Soul Replaces Pavarotti …. Singing ‘NESSUN DORMA’ 🎼💞 …. “!!


~~August 17, 2018~~


 Nessun Dorma

What can I say?

Words fail me. Let the video speak for itself.



Aretha Franklin performs at the Festival of Families as Pope Francis looks on Sept. 26, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


One amazing performance came in 1998.

It was 30 minutes into the 1998 Grammy Awards and Gary Simmons, the assistant to the show’s co-producer, Tisha Fein, got a phone call:

Luciano Pavarotti would not be performing.

Franklin had been booked on the show to perform a Blues Brothers number with Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman and Jim Belushi. Two nights before, however, she had actually performed “Nessun Dorma” in honor of Pavarotti at a Music Cares dinner. The Grammys producer had an empty hole where Pavarotti’s performance was supposed to be, crossing into the third hour of the show.

Could she possibly …?


Luciano Pavarotti, too unwell to perform at the Grammy Awards, was replaced at the last minute by the Queen of Soul herself, who was a friend of the opera singer.

However, instead of opting for one of her own hits, Franklin stuck with the aria most synonymous with Pavarotti, “Nessun Dorma”.

More than a billion viewers watched live on TV  across the world on as Franklin hit the Puccini number’s signature high B with ease, stunning the 1998 Grammy Awards audience in Radio City Music Hall and sending the jaws of artists including Celine Dion to the floor.

Several years later, Franklin performed the track yet again – this time for Pope Francis at a show in Philadelphia.


~You can watch a short video here~


~~Aretha Franklin – Nessun Dorma~~

Festival of Families, Philadelphia, September 26, 2015

~~Published on Sep 27, 2016~~

Aretha Franklin performs Nessun Dorma following Pope Francis’ attendance at Festival of Families in Philadelphia, September 26, 2015

Image result for photos of aretha franklin

~The Aretha performance that changed Chris~

 “The ability to own something this hard, that’s not her own or from her own experience, she didn’t write it, in another language and still communicate so much, not to mention doing it last second, on such a major stage.”

~Cuomo Prime Time Facebook Page~


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‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ …. “🎼🎼 Jamie Dupuis …. Amazing Cover 🎼🎼 …. “!!

~~May 2, 2018~~ 


18 String Harp Guitar Cover


Made another discovery today!

Jamie Dupuis
Another one of my favorite songs ever!

I grew up to this music.

Queen’s music made it to Puerto Rico. 

I remember the many nights in my bedroom, as a teen, listening to this song.

Incredible cover, amazing instrument!

Just lay back, close your eyes and be transported to another time … a time of love, madness and sweetness.

Enjoy …



Jamie Dupuis (born in New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada), is a Canadian guitarist/composer and songwriter, best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances, and his arrangements on the guitar and harp guitar.

Jamie Dupuis’s style is influenced by great artists such as Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Stevie Wonder, and Django Reinhart.

Jamie is proficient in many styles such as: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and Pop.

Main Instruments: Harp Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Banjo, 18 String Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar and Vocals.



~Jamie Dupuis Music Facebook Page~


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~~Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen~~

Harp Guitar Cover

~~Published on Aug 20, 2016~~

“Once I started playing in bars I was always trying to find songs that people could relate too or sing along and Bohemian Rhapsody was one of those songs. Even though I’ve always played it instrumentally, everyone sang along. If you’re looking for an “entertaining song” play this one!

I’ve always wanted to attempt it on the harp guitar, so here it is! Hope you enjoy!”

~Jamie Dupuis~


Keith Olbermann, #102 …. “😱 Down Goes the Mooch! ….😱 …. Bye, Felicia …. Can You Do the Fandango? …. 😱 …. “!!


~~July 31, 2016~~ 


I really have no words!

In a whirlwind of speed and smoke, the man who would be a communications’ director, poof, is no more.

Let the video explain who things went down.

Even though it’s been saif that Drumpf decided, the real force behind this is the new Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly.

Take a look!



~Breaking News~

Drumpf has decided to remove Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director

The Mooch did serve the usual diversionary purpose from #TrumpRussia, even as he tended to embody a number of stereotypes. Faithful procreative husband, bi-curious windbag, and border wall of wolf-street.

And the clown exits stage right, after ten days on the job, or technically two weeks before he was to officially start as Spicey’s replacement … perhaps a record.

The first of at least a half-dozen White House ex-executive producers to leave the island … we’ve reached the end of the first episode of Real Animal Husbands of the Trump White House.




Bohemian Rhapsody

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright’ning me
(Galileo) Galileo (Galileo) Galileo. Galileo figaro magnifico
I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me
He’s just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go …



I feel this is important information about what is happening in the Republican Administration lead by Drumpf and what we need to be aware of.

Keith Olbermann series called “The Resistance” continues.

He has posted installment #102.

The video speaks for itself.

If this resonates with you, good.

If it doesn’t, just scroll away to the next blog.

Thank you!




Google Images

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Drumpf is the president, which means Keith’s not going anywhere.

Catch every episode of his new GQ show, The Resistance, and then come join the fight.


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~~Down Goes the Mooch!~~

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

~~Published on Jul 31, 2017~~

The chaos comes at you quick, right? Anthony Scaramucci, “The Mooch,” is out.


Who will be in?



We ALL are ONE!! 



At the end of the day …. “Céline …. The Show Must Go On …. “!!


~~August 10, 2016~~ 


‘René This One Is For You’

I’m a bit behind.

Yet, I caught this music video as I surfed the net.

The video shows two of my favorite musicians:

Céline Dion and Lindsey Stirling.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



This event took place in March 2016

Céline Dion Delivers Tearful Tribute To Late Husband At The Billboard Music Awards

‘I want to be so strong for my family and my kids and I don’t want to cry but you make me so happy – thank you.’

Our hearts go on and out to Céline Dion

Four months after losing her husband René Angélil to a long battle with cancer, the star was honored with the Billboard Icon Award, and breaks down in tears during a touching acceptance speech.

Amidst tears, the 48-year-old singer reached out to thank those who’ve helped her along the way.


“I want to thank Lindsey Stirling for sharing her wonderful talent with us tonight. This is such a tremendous honor. Of course music has been my passion before I can  remember. So many people have helped me get where I am today.”

“And most importantly my beloved husband who I know will continue to watch over me from above. Thank you Billboard Music Awards for honoring me.

René – this one is for you. The show must go on!


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



Getty Images

Mindy Small

Google Images

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Celine Dion has had a hard 2016, losing both her husband Rene Angelil and her brother Daniel to cancer within two days of each other back in January.

In her first major appearance since those tragic deaths, Dion was honored Sunday (May 22) with the 2016 Billboard Music Awards ICON Award, with an introduction by Seal.

 “Icon — it’s a word that conjures up visions of someone deserving of our complete respect and admiration, a person who we look at with awe.

In the past, only a select few performers have received the Billboard ICON Award, legends like Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Prince,” says Seal.

“And now a new name joins their ranks, a singer whose career sets the standard of excellence that all of us aspire to.”


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~~The Show Must Go On~~

~~Published on Jun 3, 2016~~

Music video by Céline Dion performing The Show Must Go On

(Live on Billboard Music Awards 2016)


~Celine Dion Delivers Tearful Speech After Son Rene-Charles Surprises Her On Stage~

~~Published on May 22, 2016~~

The ‘Billboard Icon’ delivered a soaring rendition of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’ during the awards show.


We ALL are ONE!! 


John Oliver …. Campaign Songs: “Don’t Use Our Songs …. “!!


~~July 25, 2016~~ 


Usher and other artists tell Republicans to ‘stop using our songs’ on John Oliver

Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver took on Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s history of using unauthorized music in campaigns on his Sunday night show — with the help of a few notable guests.

Oliver began the segment by pointing out the humor in Donald Trump’s song choices over the course of his campaign, including his unauthorized use of Queen’sWe Are the Champions” at last week’s Republican National Convention and a number of other instances of unlicensed song use in the past year.

At the end of the convention, as “a sarcastic amount of balloons” fell from the ceiling, Trump played the Rolling Stones’ 1969 classic “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” without the band’s permission — to which Oliver quipped, “No sh-t,” in a play on the song’s title.

Oliver criticized Trump’s use of REM’s “It’s the End of the World” as an introduction to his speech on the Iran nuclear agreement earlier this year. He then went on to demonstrate how unauthorized song usage has been a common trend for Republican politicians.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



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~~Campaign Songs~~

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

~~Published on Jul 24, 2016~~

John Oliver and some of America’s favorite recording artists remind politicians not to use their songs without permission on the campaign trail.


We ALL are ONE!! 


Queen & Adam Lambert …. ‘Emotional Tribute to Orlando Victims’ …. !!


~~June 24, 2016~~~ 


Queen & Adam Lambert paid tribute together to the victims of the recent Orlando shooting

The assault, which took place at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida over the weekend (June 12, 2016), has been described as one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern American history, and left 49 people dead and another 53 injured.

Legendary British rock band Queen and American Idol star Adam Lambert dedicated a rendition of Who Wants to Live Forever at the Isle of Wight Festival to those who lost their lives.

Lambert, who is currently on tour across Europe singing lead for Queen said:

“This song is dedicated to those who last their lives last night in Orlando, Florida, and anybody who has been victim of senseless violence or hatred.”

Watch the emotional performance below.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

Watch Queen & Adam Lambert’s emotional tribute to Orlando victims



Google Images

Andy Marlette, Cartoonist

Greetings by Barb E

Human Rights Campaign

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~~Queen and Adam Lambert pays tribute to Orlando victims~~

~~Published on Jun 13, 2016~~

Queen and Adam Lambert pays tribute to Orlando victims with Who Wants To Live Forever at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

“This song is dedicated to those who lost their lives in Orlando, Florida, and anyone who has been a victim of senseless violence or hatred.”

Adam Lambert


We ALL are ONE!!