Something to think about …. “Sacred Burial Grounds …. no difference …. “!!


~~October 25, 2016~~ 


Double Standards

Why can’t all see that there is no difference between one and the other?

Why continue the destruction/decimation of a nation?

Why the lack of respect?

Because the white man has always felt to be above anyone other than himself.

The disconnect is obvious.

The disparity in full few.

It’s time to correct it.

Will humanity be able to do so?



Dave Meyers is the owner of 8,100 acres that the DAPL pipeline will be crossing to get to the Missouri River or Lake Oahe. During the last week of August, he was wondering if there was any Indian graves that might be disturbed by the construction of the pipeline.

To satisfy his curiosity, he asked Tim Mentz to assess the “corridor” route that was going to be used to host the buried pipeline. Dave Meyers was fully aware that an environmental assessment (EI) had been performed by the State Historic Preservation Office, however, these are non-Indian experts, whereas, Tim owns a company called Makoche Wowapi. His business consults Tribes regarding their archeological inheritance.

In addition, Tim previously worked as a Tribal and State Historic Preservation Officer since 1985.

With Tim’s knowledge and skill, he walked the area as allowed.


On Sunday, August 29, 2016, Tim and his sons found 82 significant historical marking, of which 27 were grave locations.

“ We found two places where rocks were set in a circular pattern with openings to the west, as well as other effigy designs.” Every site was professionally identified and precisely charted by computer for exact location by GPS.

To the untrained eye, walking the prairie on Mr. Meyer’s property everywhere is tall grass with some stone outcroppings now and then, but Tim Mentz’s trained eyes discovered shapes that just could not have happened in nature.

In fact, the stones had to be placed by the hand of thinking men. Intelligent men, who wanted to convey a story or to leave traditions of significance for the people.

…. and there is more!

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



The Free Thought Project

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Thoughts for today, #423 …. “Be Happy …. You Never Know …. “!!


~~October 17, 2016~~ 


“You may delay, but time will not.”

~Benjamin Franklin~





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To start the day …. “I Am Always Right Here …. Promise”!!


~~May 19, 2016~~ 


In the hustle and bustle of every day life, in the daily routine that we follow, there are moments when we need respite.

Daily life can be overwhelming.

There’s always the need to relax, travel inward, connected to self through peace and quiet.

Music is my vehicle for these actions.

Enjoy the beauty of these flowers, enjoy the relaxing feeling of this piano piece.

Have a most wonderful day, dear ones.

If you need a friend, I’m always here for you.



Always Right Here For You

The door is always open

for you to come right in

And if you ever need a friend

I will always be her to comfort you.

There’s a chair that is always empty

it’s reserved just for you

and if it’s just a hug you need

I can do that too.

I’m just always right here for you.




Paul Militaru, Photography

Google Images

I do not own these images.

No intention of taking credit.

If anyone knows the owner of any, please advise and it will be corrected immediately.




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~~I Am Always Right Here~~

Kevin Kern

~~Uploaded on Jun 14, 2009~~

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Something to think about …. “On the day after Mother’s Day … an afterthought”!!


~~May 9, 2016~~ 


Has anyone out there had this same thought?

I must confess I have. I’ve seen it in my own family.

A three year old already has his own iPodTouch!

Another toddler I know has his own iPad … the parents ask for this permission to be able to use it themselves!

All four grandkids are “fluent” in techno language.

Sometimes even more than me.

That is scary!

I can understand why this happens.

Hand them the electronic gadget and there’s instant peace and quiet.

Instant gratification for both adults and kids.

Yet, at the expense of what?






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To start the day …. “A quiet, awesome Moment in Nature”!!


~~May 23, 2015~~ 

Born in the wild: A baby elephant enters the world


Gestation in elephants typically lasts around two years with interbirth intervals usually lasting four to five years. Births tend to take place during the wet season. Calves are born 85 cm (33 in) tall and weigh around 120 kg (260 lb).

Typically, only a single young is born, but twins sometimes occur. The relatively long pregnancy is maintained by five corpus luteums (as opposed to one in most mammals) and gives the fetus more time to develop, particularly the brain and trunk. As such, newborn elephants are precocial and quickly stand and walk to follow their mother and family herd.

A new calf is usually the center of attention for herd members.

Adults and most of the other young will gather around the newborn, touching and caressing it with their trunks. For the first few days, the mother is intolerant of other herd members near her young. Alloparenting – where a calf is cared for by someone other than its mother – takes place in some family groups. Allomothers are typically two to twelve years old. When a predator is near, the family group gathers together with the calves in the centre.

For the first few days, the newborn is unsteady on its feet, and needs the support of its mother. It relies on touch, smell and hearing, as its eyesight is poor. It has little precise control over its trunk, which wiggles around and may cause it to trip.

By its second week of life, the calf can walk more firmly and has more control over its trunk. After its first month, a calf can pick up, hold and put objects in its mouth, but cannot suck water through the trunk and must drink directly through the mouth.

It is still dependent on its mother and keeps close to her.

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~~An elephant is born~~

Watch as the herd helps

~~Uploaded on Mar 21, 2011~~

Fantastic and rare day time footage of a wild elephant giving birth. Captured by Christian and Ginette Leroy in Chobi National Park, Botswana.

We thank them for allowing us to share this film with our supporters.



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To start the day …. “I’m thankful for solitude”!!

~~November 9, 2014~~ 

From the Mind of an Introvert …
“I am Thankful for Solitude!”

… And given a little solitude and time to process deeply, thoroughly, sensitively and mindfully, the way introverts do, you will be amazed with what we come up with, for everyone’s benefit, and how we can shine. We are half of the US population, most of us in denial about our introversion, because we have been told to be different, more outgoing, louder and quicker our whole lives in order to survive in our fast-paced, quick-fix, glamor-oriented society.

It is time to raise awareness, not to diagnose anyone, nor create separation, rather, to generate mutual acceptance, especially for the sake of our children, and realize the immense benefits of extroverts and introverts working together brilliantly, the way we are meant to.

~~Sus Kongsbak Larsen~~


“As it appears in … “


I don’t intend to present solutions to the problems of the world. I seek to find solutions to the problems in my world. I yearn for solution, for peace, for quiet, for joy, for completion, for wholeness. 

Solitude brings these feelings. Yet, at the same time …. it can be lonely. 


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~~Uploaded on Feb 2, 2012~~

❊Solitude ~ Karunesh❊


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. Listen to your own voice!!


~~July 25, 2014~ 

Sometimes it’s so difficult to just listen.

There’s always the cacophony of sounds either outside sources or inside our heads. We are frequently living a life that is on overdrive. Things need to get done, a job needs to be completed, have to do housework, have to get the yard done, laundry is piling up, kids’ homework needs to be reviewed, snacks and meals need to be prepared. Budgets need to be balanced, bills need to be paid. You add your very own examples.

These are all things that are outside ourselves. Sometimes they are self imposed, others are responsibilities of daily living. 

There has always been that inside voice that frequently is overpowered by outside interference. Even when there’s quiet, the mind stays on overdrive and squashes the ever wise inside voice.


Sit down comfortably. Arms by your side, hands with palms up.


Focus on the breathing process. In and out. Imagine breathing in blue, calming light. Imagine breathing out red light. Let go of all the outside noises.

Concentrate on your breathing and slowly feel your body relax. Just think about breathing. Think of this process as a cleansing exercise. 

This is the way of connecting with your inner self, your inner voice. 

Listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you?

Peace, quiet, breathing, connection.


Concentrate on the “I Am” ….. that’s where you will find your answers!



Relax, listen to the music, be transported to another realm. Explore what is within you. Follow the musical notes and enjoy the view. 

Slow pace, take your time, no rush. Admire what you see with the wonder of a child, as if you were seeing it for the first time. It will take you to beautiful places. 

~~The Wanderer~~


~~Uploaded on Jan 23, 2011~~

Karunesh – The Wanderer: Journey Of The Heart (2001)


We ALL are ONE!!